An online event for us all…


Hello there,

Godswill here! In the short time I have been exposed to writing I have been blessed to see the tremendous effect words have on who we are and the lives we lead. As a team we have sought to carefully and painstakingly create edifying content that speak of God’s love and his saving grace that never fails.

However, sometimes we cant deny that we just want to write! Scale the hurdles of editing and trying to make the lines rhyme. We just want to pour our heart in the simplest version we can come up with within a matter of minutes. For this cause, FREESTYLE FRIDAY was created and we have enjoyed this fellowship for years every Friday.

This time we would love to share this experience with you!

Do you write?

Do you love to read?

Then you should be a part of this!

It is real simple, on the 28th of July starting 12AM (GMT+1) we will be freestyling with all forms of literature available on a topic that would be released that morning or afternoon or evening (Depending on your time zone). All you need do is search on Facebook for the closed group “Freestyle Friday” with the icon having the Christapoet logo and request entry. 

It is sure to be fun. It is sure to bless lives and take this from me, our Freestyle Fridays have been known to cure writer’s block.


So I look forward to see you on the 28th!

Much blessings!


Ezeonyeka Godswill

Chief Editor

The Christ A Poet Team

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