UNMASKED by Kingsley Ohakwe

He feeds strength to my vigourating weakness

And light to my luminating darkness

Feeds my worry filled organs with humour

Shielded in his grace, he is my unseen armour

Defiled laws to keep me undefiled

Defined laws which were undefined

Brings the gold out of this dust, to no longer keep me unrefined.

Fed salvation unclad

The road to my mansion is untarred

Though the devil seems undeterred

The flames in hell do not retard

Mountains wax down in his presence

The whole living still can’t comprehend his ominipresence

Sole being in history that has the remote to the future and present

Souls living in misery, he took out of dark corners where the smell is loud and pungent;

With evil as its paints

Placing them on a cloud of scent

Sing with the crowd of saints.

He kept my fears under my pillow, thats why they are suffocated before I wake

The earth may quake

But the hymen of his word knows no break

A life staked for billions sake

A stripe healed more than a billion mistake

Into skin, himself he baked

Our sins he raked, caked and  devoured

Beside the Almighty in heaven, was his to take.

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