A good time as any…

Permit me to sound like an old man for a bit…

Young-uns where y’all at!
This is for you

I don’t know about you but I find myself wondering when I see my fellow youths and teenagers doing absolutely nothing as compared to who they could be and what they could be doing. I wonder why we claim YOLO all over the place yet we pack all our mistakes into our youthful days and leave the big stuff for later. Whoever has lied to my generation!

I too believe that all we truly have is the present (no puns intended), I too believe we should live our youthful days to their full but I am also conscious of what content they are filled with.

I mean, why can I not start making big decisions now, why can’t I start making impact now? Whoever said I cannot be wise while the hair on my head have not yet fallen grey? Whatever is stopping me from investing in my future, from planting my feet in the sands of time now? Like, would it really hurt if I decided to start being responsible now?

Why wait?

Seriously it is a mind boggling question!

Do you have a dream, go out there and achieve it. If you are not constructively doing something about that dream now, trust me, whatever stands in your way now, would still be there in the next 10 years, so why not give your fears a serious beating down, now that you have got all that youthful strength and vibe in your bones.

Make big decisions! Now! Don’t wait till you have a past of scars and regrets so that you can say I have been there. Trust me it ain’t worth it. If we all had to make the same mistakes, technology would never have seen the light of day. We learn from the mistakes of others and when we fault from ours as well.

Guys, we have so much to offer the world, so much potential so much light… and what it is even more epic is when we step out of our comfort zones there is space for us all in the sky to shine as stars.

Yes it will take a lot of work
Yes it will mean missing out on some fun
Yes it will not be comfortable
Yes it will hurt real bad sometimes
Yes we will still make mistakes no matter how hard we try
Yes life and those we love will sometimes not be on our side

But if we are truly the greatest generation to have come along, then lets live up to it and be awesome. It has always been in us


Tag a friend, share with the world and please be awesome


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