EVERYDAYJESUS is how we roll!

Mutants are not miserly because their trust issues have been dealt with.

Mutants do very little, they have Faith.

Everything mutants do in the Kingdom is Faith- that is how we ‘roll’

Mutants speak Love- that is how we express ourselves.

Mutants are always at ease- it is a trust thing you know.

Mutants have all that they need- they receive them daily the mutant way.

Mutants DO nothing because everything has been DONE.

Mutants only have to carry their little bags Faith, about in the Kingdom.

Mutants carry their little bags by just expressing themselves through the mutant father-tongue, so you see why we are always at ease. Hmmm Cool!

The more mutants speak, the more they are transformed, transformed to be like Christ- this is the ultimate reason for the mutation!

Mutants never die, they have already died at the cross where Jesus died and rose when He did just by believing.

If the son of snake is a snake, then the son of God is a God- it’s simple ‘Mathegenetics’!

Mutants are sons of God because Jesus is Son of Man- ‘mathegenetically’ speaking!

Mutants like Jesus, are totally God, totally Man! He is our big brother the Bible says

Mutants are the supernatural beings that I call Theo-Sapiens.

Mutants cannot sin because the gene that codes for sin has been spliced off and replaced with Spirit Gene.

By Favouromeje, 2016.









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