EverydayJesus hangs out with the Father!

A friend said and I quote, “to be much for God we have to be much with Him”.


Going through a piece recently, I realized something, that as much as we want to study books that expound the word of God, we might never have faith to do mighty things if we neglect to hang out with the ‘One’ who is the Word. The Spirit and Life.


Jesus Christ said, the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life. He was talking about himself. The words Jesus spoke as man were no different from the words God speak as God, in efficacy and power, reason being that the same power was at work in them.


And now Jesus had a habit of hanging out with the Father. Bible tells us he would go out of his way to climb a hill just so he could be alone with God. Little wonder then, that he had confidence enough in the power of his Father at work in him. He would say to the dead, rise, and he would say to the lame, walk.


So, spending time talking with God is key to doing much in his name, because of course, you’ll be conscious of his power enough to do his works. Cut a long story short, studying the Word, gets you to know what’s been given freely and gets you conscious of the power that has been made available for you to walk in all that’s been given. Hanging out with God gives you an opportunity to thank God immensely for all He’s given.

By Ubamara, Ezenobi; 2017.


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