Being surrounded by an armada of advisers could be tiring that at some points, you feel like driving your life as you please.


You just want to tell them that you are no more their little boy or girl that you could do things right without them forgetting that Proverbs 11:14 suggested that multitudes of counsel is safety while, like the fool in Proverbs 12:15, we follow our own inclinations.


Plunging deeper into the wrong water and plying the wrong route, claiming ‘over men’, we still fall under the ropes that we should have walked on.


Yet we know not how to help ourselves.


We see how unfledged we are so we lift our voice like the author of Lamentations 5:21, asking them to come to our aid but the funny story is that they have tagged us the People of Jeremiah 7:26-28. And are demanding that we do according to Jeremiah7:29, yet the parable of hair cutting still remain unfathomable.


That was our lot for he that is stiff necked will be suddenly destroyed but thank God for Jesus whose Mercy endureth forever and we were not consumed.

By Simeon, Chidi;2017.

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