EVERYDAYJESUS is our Rap Sheet!



Didn’t really mean to write me another song,

Remember those days when I clogged my lungs,

Now am good with people, I’m the charming one.

You don’t have to count, I’m number one.


Sometimes I wonder about my drive,

Cars ain’t an issue but we need the miles.

Don’t want to end up just folding files,

Only to come home and pray for size.

My mind’s on that product, no time to prize.


Quchi is the name, but love is the game,

There is always going to be room for names,

That is better than gold, especially for the pikin;

Opportunities will call them, they will be picky.

God be their noses, they will always pick him.

He will color their scent, they will breath in him.

Quchi is the name, and I want the fame,

You may call me proud, I call you insane.

Welcome to the trip, this is my relay,

Yes, I got lust but I know The Way.

Never let society be the measure of me,

You have to excuse me, God died for me.


The devil is dead to me, Check on wiki;

I still pray for all those in his shoes

He’s so not an issue.


When you check please,

Sign here, if you can answer,



But my Jesus is precious, victorious and yes Boss, He’s God once and always.

There is just no comparison,

There is just no comparison.

Mohamed is dead but Jesus is still risen,

Higher than Angels, no teasing.

No advertising, just one meeting

By Daniel Achikanu; January, 2017.


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