I hear the door creek,
It’s banged lock.
I wake up from my sleep,
It’s all dark,
I try to move my feet,
It feels stuck.
I try to move my hands,
I feel ropes.

That’s when I realize,
That I am trapped by ropes and chains,
To a chair of endless pain
And I don’t even remember my name.

How can that be,
There has to be a reason why they have me,
No way my name was “Mr. Kidnap me”,
I had to be important of some sort,
That’s why they needed to grab me.

For a moment I listen,
There’s not even the slightest sound in the distance,
For a little while I struggle,
Hopeful to get free from painful sorrow.

Choicelessly, I choose the obvious,
To scream till even the walls decide to pay attention,
Frankly, I don’t even know if walls exist,
Or if this is all just in my head.
How could there be no sound but me in the distance,
How could no one have even heard.

I feel the chains tighten across my chest,
The pines an inch deeper into my legs,
This is hell,
Frankly I’m exhausted,
After all, my blood is all wasted,
Let me just die, after all at burials I always feasted.

And just at this moment,
This moment when I am done fighting and chose to sign out,
This moment when I don’t even have strength to cry out,
This moment I finally choose to die out.

I doubt you would believe it,
At this moment I don’t believe it,
There’s a shadow trying to be reaching in,
Yes a shadow.

Frankly the darkness is now shallow,
The light only my eyes can try to follow,
For there’s just little life the darkness didn’t swallow.

Till this moment,
I didn’t recall,
That till I choose LEFT,
I was the child of THE KING.

National Poet

(c) 2018


It’s obvious that you have the fame, the wealth and God has given you divine health,
So why do you take glory in your self?

Is it because of your mind blowing achievements, your abilities, your intellectual capacities? Why do you want to rule over the earth that you did’nt create?

My daughter says you’re her role model but I hope your selfish character she does not emulate,
Why have you allowed the ugly face of pride to troop into your heart and why have you made God step away?

A God too holy to behold sin,
Pride has so blindfolded you that you can’t see the pit of destruction right before your eyes. Yes too blind to see!!!

You go to church posing to be a Christian, But the fruit of righteousness in you, the lens of my eyes is unable to capture.

All I see is this dangerous pride calling your soul to everlasting destruction.
Son of man you shall surely give account of your works, When your sinful body turns to dust and your soul appears unfit before your maker.


(c) 2018


SOLD, the act of being given over for a price (in the past tense anyways) so invariably, when you sell something you hand it over to a new owner for a price. Whatever that means; I’m definitely not here to tell us about buying and selling but to remind us that we are SENT; the great commission, to make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father, of the son and the holy spirit, we are sent, as ambassadors unto the kingdom of righteousness, to establish the reign and ruler ship of the father, our father, we are sent and remain so, sent to show the nature of God; LOVE.
Sent to love the world, sent to love brethren, sent to live love, breathe love, talk love, sleep love, eat love and love love. Sent to show the world of what spirit we are, we are lovers, not fighters, not binding and casting but loosing and making whole, restoring, reviving, saving, that’s our job and this job requires commitment, it is our DUTY.

Yes, duty… it requires optimum commitment and delivery, the duty of preaching the word deserves your all because like we all know, we are saved to save others. It is worth living for, dying for, starving for, partying for, trecking for, fasting for, praying for, labouring for because it is our duty as sons of the kingdom to do our fathers business.
Looking at our perfcet example Jesus Christ who came to the world to do the fathers will, he bought us with a precious price and now we are SOLD, to the course of the gospel, we are sold, for the sake of the kingdom and salvation we are sold. SENT ON LOVE DUTY, yes SENT ON LOVE DUTY.

The Mindsmith

(c) 2018


Excuse me sis, but I already read my Bible
My opinion is a stone from the Holy rubble
Testimonies make sense when the word made em
Parents chase miracles while ignoring them
Salesman in the meeting
Yeah we both saved but he wants my earnings
I am free, He freed me, keep your hallelujah
Praising from a grateful heart, keep your ATR

Yes I’m black but I say no to blackmail
Vex less, I understand you’re emotional
You lack depth – You need peace
If your heart soft you go bend the knee
But I know deaf ears are the red sea
And its true that only those who have read see
God already picked my lock so am safe see?

The Niel

(c) 2018

EVERYDAYJESUS is our communion!

Sitting here and waiting fast,

Hoping I’m forgotten last,

When is it I wrote last?

Shoulders like a Glo mast.


When I was a member people washed me like a body,

Now there are fine-artists, making up the way to make it.


But what is it I’m trying to make?

From which dream am I to wake?

What I wanted now is mine,

Yet I just redrew each line.


We are the smiles that were aimed to please you;

The sentences colored with ‘Sirs’ and ‘Please’ too.

Appropriation will still be the M.O.

But speed is not key, we win in slow-mo.


No hidden agendas, no need for speed sir;

Words are my ammo, my pen’s a healer.

It seems to me that Narcissus is back;

We all need to cash that reality check.


Someday we’ll all lick truth sundaes.

We’ll be real all the time, not some days.

I’ll be your growth, my art your laughter,

Love, Joy and Peace in the Sunday after.


Steady steady my heart, when I’m ready I start;

Stains hidden by light, the Word still is my might.

Floating above the norm, a star above the storm,

My eyes on who is in me, my ears on where I’m from.


Fathers will be fathers, their ignorance doesn’t diminish them.

The trick is to see their offices, we each all have a problem.

Growth should be the mission, everybody listen.

This is not by power, fear is still the prison.


We all fall down, pride grabs the steering;

We misplace identities, princes in the waste bin.

I am being made perfect, though not me alone,

Obligation is a rung on the ladder of adoption.


There’s still a hierarchy although we all are one oh,

Now there are stones where there once was bread though,

Their words were once enough, we all were well bred though.

So when they tell my story, I’ll win with more than ‘1-0’


Someday we’ll be examples, the future study our ways

We’ll be real all the time, not just on some days.

I’ll be your growth, my art your laughter,

Love, Joy and Peace in the Sunday after.

By Daniel Achikanu, 2017.

EVERYDAYJESUS is our Rap Sheet! 2


So many sense organs, yet not enough sense

Light weight sons of a God so dense

Though He’s ever present we are gifted in the past tense

Imprisoned in eternity, my death serves a life sentence.


Life is like okpa, when I leave, you can wrap it up.


Shot it down though we tall enough to live it up

Running our race, once was human now is heavenly

If the Truth is bitter, then lies give diabetes


People start to branch when they cannot bear your fruit,

Sir, Ashes to ashes, we all follow soot;

Be on fire for the Lord or be fired up with lore.

Yes! It is all for God or did you forget to die today?

By Daniel Achikanu; January,2017.