Excuse me sis, but I already read my Bible
My opinion is a stone from the Holy rubble
Testimonies make sense when the word made em
Parents chase miracles while ignoring them
Salesman in the meeting
Yeah we both saved but he wants my earnings
I am free, He freed me, keep your hallelujah
Praising from a grateful heart, keep your ATR

Yes I’m black but I say no to blackmail
Vex less, I understand you’re emotional
You lack depth – You need peace
If your heart soft you go bend the knee
But I know deaf ears are the red sea
And its true that only those who have read see
God already picked my lock so am safe see?

The Niel

(c) 2018

EVERYDAYJESUS is our communion!

Sitting here and waiting fast,

Hoping I’m forgotten last,

When is it I wrote last?

Shoulders like a Glo mast.


When I was a member people washed me like a body,

Now there are fine-artists, making up the way to make it.


But what is it I’m trying to make?

From which dream am I to wake?

What I wanted now is mine,

Yet I just redrew each line.


We are the smiles that were aimed to please you;

The sentences colored with ‘Sirs’ and ‘Please’ too.

Appropriation will still be the M.O.

But speed is not key, we win in slow-mo.


No hidden agendas, no need for speed sir;

Words are my ammo, my pen’s a healer.

It seems to me that Narcissus is back;

We all need to cash that reality check.


Someday we’ll all lick truth sundaes.

We’ll be real all the time, not some days.

I’ll be your growth, my art your laughter,

Love, Joy and Peace in the Sunday after.


Steady steady my heart, when I’m ready I start;

Stains hidden by light, the Word still is my might.

Floating above the norm, a star above the storm,

My eyes on who is in me, my ears on where I’m from.


Fathers will be fathers, their ignorance doesn’t diminish them.

The trick is to see their offices, we each all have a problem.

Growth should be the mission, everybody listen.

This is not by power, fear is still the prison.


We all fall down, pride grabs the steering;

We misplace identities, princes in the waste bin.

I am being made perfect, though not me alone,

Obligation is a rung on the ladder of adoption.


There’s still a hierarchy although we all are one oh,

Now there are stones where there once was bread though,

Their words were once enough, we all were well bred though.

So when they tell my story, I’ll win with more than ‘1-0’


Someday we’ll be examples, the future study our ways

We’ll be real all the time, not just on some days.

I’ll be your growth, my art your laughter,

Love, Joy and Peace in the Sunday after.

By Daniel Achikanu, 2017.

EVERYDAYJESUS is our Rap Sheet! 2


So many sense organs, yet not enough sense

Light weight sons of a God so dense

Though He’s ever present we are gifted in the past tense

Imprisoned in eternity, my death serves a life sentence.


Life is like okpa, when I leave, you can wrap it up.


Shot it down though we tall enough to live it up

Running our race, once was human now is heavenly

If the Truth is bitter, then lies give diabetes


People start to branch when they cannot bear your fruit,

Sir, Ashes to ashes, we all follow soot;

Be on fire for the Lord or be fired up with lore.

Yes! It is all for God or did you forget to die today?

By Daniel Achikanu; January,2017.


EVERYDAYJESUS is our Rap Sheet!



Didn’t really mean to write me another song,

Remember those days when I clogged my lungs,

Now am good with people, I’m the charming one.

You don’t have to count, I’m number one.


Sometimes I wonder about my drive,

Cars ain’t an issue but we need the miles.

Don’t want to end up just folding files,

Only to come home and pray for size.

My mind’s on that product, no time to prize.


Quchi is the name, but love is the game,

There is always going to be room for names,

That is better than gold, especially for the pikin;

Opportunities will call them, they will be picky.

God be their noses, they will always pick him.

He will color their scent, they will breath in him.

Quchi is the name, and I want the fame,

You may call me proud, I call you insane.

Welcome to the trip, this is my relay,

Yes, I got lust but I know The Way.

Never let society be the measure of me,

You have to excuse me, God died for me.


The devil is dead to me, Check on wiki;

I still pray for all those in his shoes

He’s so not an issue.


When you check please,

Sign here, if you can answer,



But my Jesus is precious, victorious and yes Boss, He’s God once and always.

There is just no comparison,

There is just no comparison.

Mohamed is dead but Jesus is still risen,

Higher than Angels, no teasing.

No advertising, just one meeting

By Daniel Achikanu; January, 2017.


EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Do not kill nature’! (A poem)

NATURE, gives inspiration right?

But then, walking her down on the street of extinction

Humanity! Where is this distinction?

Maybe only and folly as a reward in school

When this shoe called nature

Is neglected, and rejected

Can you hear her pleading?

Bleeding as if guilty

‘Save my body’, my part (human)

For when it’s all gone

What else left other than mourn.

DO NOT, cease from your call

We are wise ones, not bias ones

Blimey! She is dying

Sharing a wretched man’s fate

Hope won’t be too late

To amend this rate…


Author note

Concerned about the state of things

…us forsaking our source.


©, Tolulope Amao           


He looked afar in search of a kind

But in the lot, none worthy was found

The earth groaned, the heavens moaned

As darkness covered the people whole

Kings grew numb, princes too dumb

For servants rode horses and sin reigned on deaths throne

A cry was heard around the city walls

That of hope rekindled, joy reborn as chosen elites were brought forth

Redeemed from destruction, renewed by the Word

This kindred a wondrous sight to behold

Priests unto salvation, prophets unto redemption

To bring home the lost and weary souls

Armed with a clean spirit and wilful heart

These guide to reveal hidden mights

An array of mediators, an array of conquerors

All created to bring glory and honour to His throne

A channel of power, God’s mighty arsenal

Breaking through hell’s gated and fallow grounds

They turn not from their shepherd’s lead

They fear not even in the darkest deep

They march on along the righteous path representing Christ

A priestly generation ordained, the Kingdom’s light.