EverydayJesus’ the Two!

If I were Dante
in the third sheet I’d say,
“leave every hope, o ye that enter”.

For One is Lucia
And the Other Lucifer
The Other brings dawn
Keeps us fawning for corruption
Glued us to hedonism
And kissing of things we should have despised
But One like a cork opener
Allows us to enjoy fresh air
And life without end.

One is a teacher
Penance the castle he lived in
the other on pride abides
A war Lord who defeats
Men too careless.

One is mercy and pity
The Other brutality
One is genuine
and the other falsehood
Ravaging the neighborhood of dust with lies
Arts, and daubing of life
Instead of face.

One builds with stones; precious and durable
the other found his work on hay
Creating too many ways
Yet One offers one way.

One upholds the ancient landmark
To touch not from the heart
But the Other resizes the landmark
Covering it with a blanket of
Heart bigger than acts
The things we can’t really be in light
And the things that war in us
As his premise.

The Other seemingly quiet
Waiting for the sun to rise in Venus
To make the mounds of Venus receptive
Of the seeds our hearts had sown
Against the warnings of One
To protect our light
And abide not in Venus.

Yet One still call us to
Take hold of every hope,
As we enter the fight against the shadow
With armor built by One.

By Simeon Chidi, 2017

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