Dear Future Husband! 3

                                                                                                              January 2, 2017.


Dear Future Husband,

The last time I wrote you, I really didn’t want to keep you so ‘penstruck’ for too long, so I decided to write you something short then. I really want to make that particular letter complete, like right now. Uhm, I really wanted you to know just how much of ‘me’ that I owe to you, somehow.

I want you to know that whenever you look at me, or think of me, and say to yourself that I am beautiful, then you need to really take out a little moment of that time to appreciate yourself because, I am simply ‘the beautiful’ that you made.

Listen, Father refines me daily because of you. I let Father prune the garden of me because I know that you are there to eat of my fruit. The truth is that, I really do not need any man to survive but I know that I really cannot thrive as ‘me’ if you hadn’t been created and born. Oh, thank God, Father didn’t miss out on any details of His Genesis creation plan!

So, if you ever think I am beautiful, please then remember your birthdays, and take them very seriously! And if you ever think that you want to celebrate ‘the beautiful’ in me, then maybe you should start thinking of celebrating your birthdays!

For it was on the day that you were born that ‘the beautiful’ of me took form. Every single breath that you’ve taken on earth, every single mistake that you ever made in life, and every single trophy that you have ever won, has thus far made the ‘the beautiful’ of ‘me’, hidden right in you.

God had always known you from the beginning of the world, He formed your heart before the world began, and He knew your beautiful end in Him, even before you learned your own name. The totality of who you are, and all that you’d ever be, forms and refines me every day.

So, if you really think that you appreciate me now, then you just take out some time to be happy about ‘YOU’!

When you find me, take me, and publicly make me yours, then I would be the most beautiful woman that there ever would be, because already, the fragrance of you from afar, and every tiny bits and pieces of you has thus far, made me ‘the beautiful’ that the world can now see!

If you think you love me, love yourself even more because all the loving thing in me, took form in you!

In fact, never for one day, forget that I am the mirror reflection of the Glory of the only True God that you are so wrapped in, oh my Lord!

The LORD has created and made you Royalty, and when you hand-picked me by the outstretching of our holy scepter, I was crowned a queen of the very same order as Esther! And like Esther, I bask and thrive on the fear of the very air of your presence, oh Royalty, so divine!

I love to find my dwelling place in your shadow, your own very shadow is the safest haven on earth for me. You know, I am so secure in my heart for you just like Esther because I was made, ‘the Right One’, who the way to your heart knows, much more than Esther by the eunuch, knew the King Xerxes.

So, I prefer to stand back and watch to my thrill, all the fair ladies them, take their turns to show off their wares before you, my King! For I know that I was created and born your queen before the world took its shape, and not a woman displaying some goods. And of course, you know that all queens come last in the grandeur of the most euphoric procession. I could never fight to have you because I was made so that you’d have me.

Therefore, do not try so hard my King, to win me just as I am so secure in your Love for me!

Your own very,


P.S. Please do visit this place very often because my ‘pen is always bleeding in a worshiping love’ for YOU!





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