EVERYDAYJESUS is with moi! (An update)

I think I am a really busy person, now and especially during my last lap at the University. ‘Busy’ with necessary business: I was a final year student in her last semester so that spelt STUDY and PROJECT! I was also a start-up entrepreneur; you may not find it necessary but for me, purpose and life needed funding – if you understand what I mean. I was and I am still committed to a local church because that is part of my responsibilities. I was and I am also human being therefore I needed to eat, sleep, launder for ‘me’ and also ensure that I don’t become an “I”(you know, it is easier for me to lose two pounds than it is for me to gain a pound, literally speaking). I was and am still also a girl who loves looking good so I needed some time for that every day. And oh, I had lectures to attend, and guess what, the lecturers swept the official time table under the carpet. Also I had found myself, so I have to always speak up – I WRITE! And ultimately, I am a Christian therefore my spirit needs Word grooming every day! That is what I survive on.

I had and I still have just 24 hours just like everyone else, therefore I had to plan every day, the day before and of course updating my to-do list every night. I made plans everyday but sometimes, some things wouldn’t just go as planned. The pressures of my great everyday busyness formed my every day cares. My project was really slow because my research samples were a bit funny – human breast milk! Getting them was really not a joke. I was not even done with the first chapter by the time I first wrote this whereas submission was for July. I had to complete and defend my project come mid-July- It was June 1, already. I also had to contribute my daily quota to the Kingdom by writing and living. Oh how I planned and worked at my daily schedule diligently but how things chose to move pretty slowly, my project for one. In fact that day, I had to re-adjust a letter I wrote to a hospital just after being delayed for three days by my department to get it endorsed. I mean I didn’t have all that time! Well, somehow I discovered that I was unruffled and unstressed by my many stresses. I was and am still rested. I had learned to rest on the Truth that He is IMMANUEL to me, the God that is ever with me. I also stayed and I still do stay on the truth that I have JESUS, the saving God. He didn’t just save my soul, He saves
my day every day. In fact His job description was and is still saving me! He is still saving situations for me daily. I was and I am still comforted by the truth that I am in His care. He loves me more than I love myself therefore He understood and He still understands the urgency of my needs and cares so much more than I think I do. I love the truth that He will never, ever leave me or abandon me in any mess. I don’t like to mess up but even if things go messy, He shows me mercy. Cleaning up my mess is not my business but His. I am His business. Yahweh has infinite methods of doing the same thing, this is what I like to call ‘OMNIPOTENT- SAVE- THE -DAY’. God never depends on our action or inaction to work things out, He depends on my trust for DADDY! He is Abba father, and daddy never lacks a plan so I think I am safe!

Cast all your anxieties upon the lord for He cares for you – 1 Peter 5: 7(NIV)

…and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20b (NIV)

By Favouromeje, 2016.

5 thoughts on “EVERYDAYJESUS is with moi! (An update)

    • favouromeje says:

      Of course, He would. Jesus saves souls, our friends, and even the day. That is His job specification, and he cares about our humiliations, shame, embarrasment and our mistakes much more than we think we do. You know, just yesterday, i was telling my mam that our mistakes is not for us to clean. We got Father to clean up our messes for us by His mercy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This piece has made my day. Abba daddy is not in lack of plans to salvage my day when it didn’t go as planned. he is constantly working in and around us for good.

    What an awesomeness!

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  2. Ruthylove says:

    This piece has made my day. Abba daddy is not in lack of plans to salvage our day when it doesn’t go as planned. he is constantly at work in and and around us for Good.

    What an awesomeness!

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    • favouromeje says:

      Yeah Ruthy. You know, Father may not orchestrate and pioneer the bad things that happen to us, even when we mess things up by ourselves but we take comfort that He has infinite ways of doing the same thing. Translation, He is our Omnipotent-Save-the day! And that is amazing, I think;)


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