EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘What is life?’ (A poem)

What is life?
Is life merely about the strife?
Existing to be seen?
To be seen growing?
And too keen on the hour death will appear?
Is life about the days?
The rays of a life time?
Breathing to make a regular cycle?
To be born in the flame of time?
To grow and be tamed?
To be schooled and screwed?
To be a worker then end as a walker?
To get retired and keep on being ‘real tired’?
And to die?

What is life?
It is about,
Living to the full,
Without being ruled by the society,
And without anxiety.
To reckon Christ,
For us to rise,
Beyond all price,
To make a mark that the world can track,
For the everlasting serenity,
Without any inadequacy.
And life is about,
The amazing call
From the “viral” (sin) to the era of which, grace is seen,
About the journey to the world of light,
To stay firmed and affirmed by His word.
And life is about,
The hope we give for the world to cope,
The love we show for the world to stay above,
The peace we find for the world to get.
“Life is exploring the gift within
And not waiting.
Author note:
Life is never about being right, but letting righteousness find its way in us”.

The alchemist…
© 21 days ago, Tolulope Amao

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