He looked afar in search of a kind

But in the lot, none worthy was found

The earth groaned, the heavens moaned

As darkness covered the people whole

Kings grew numb, princes too dumb

For servants rode horses and sin reigned on deaths throne

A cry was heard around the city walls

That of hope rekindled, joy reborn as chosen elites were brought forth

Redeemed from destruction, renewed by the Word

This kindred a wondrous sight to behold

Priests unto salvation, prophets unto redemption

To bring home the lost and weary souls

Armed with a clean spirit and wilful heart

These guide to reveal hidden mights

An array of mediators, an array of conquerors

All created to bring glory and honour to His throne

A channel of power, God’s mighty arsenal

Breaking through hell’s gated and fallow grounds

They turn not from their shepherd’s lead

They fear not even in the darkest deep

They march on along the righteous path representing Christ

A priestly generation ordained, the Kingdom’s light.



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