He looked afar in search of a kind

But in the lot, none worthy was found

The earth groaned, the heavens moaned

As darkness covered the people whole

Kings grew numb, princes too dumb

For servants rode horses and sin reigned on deaths throne

A cry was heard around the city walls

That of hope rekindled, joy reborn as chosen elites were brought forth

Redeemed from destruction, renewed by the Word

This kindred a wondrous sight to behold

Priests unto salvation, prophets unto redemption

To bring home the lost and weary souls

Armed with a clean spirit and wilful heart

These guide to reveal hidden mights

An array of mediators, an array of conquerors

All created to bring glory and honour to His throne

A channel of power, God’s mighty arsenal

Breaking through hell’s gated and fallow grounds

They turn not from their shepherd’s lead

They fear not even in the darkest deep

They march on along the righteous path representing Christ

A priestly generation ordained, the Kingdom’s light.





Its boundaries same to all yet varying in displacements

The universal factor condensing in its form

For a wary student in class, very slow

For a lad asleep on the hay, too fast

A realign of composure ordering man’s events into play

For the hawker, an endless trek of shouts, sweat and pain

Hoping at sun down, the pain would be repaid in gain

Each hour counting, history’s witness, penning issues deemed fit

Its entity relies on no stance

It regards no opinions for it is set like the rising of the sun even the seasons to reap or sow

It determines what tides are turned; and authority in itself

It shows no favours
Accomplishments are noted as a virtue of wisely turning time

Wasted nights, unclaimed prizes, a teary eye, stiffed pride

Daunting reminders of wages gotten from cheating time

Regardless of wishes, time once passed could never be reborn

It would be as futile as pushing back a shot bullet to cock a gun

Each minute a precious gift given to treasure

A mighty feat will be managing time to reap its bliss

Time misused could replicate thousands of skies heavy with fountains of regret

Pouring down with no shade to hide from the effects of being drenched in sorrow

When tomorrow hits the band-wagon of yesterdays

It is claimed time as way-laid by misfortunes of mistakes

The future duped by procrastination’s mob raping the essence of today’s success

A probable result of yesterday’s indulgence.


I seldom think after who to follow, where to begin or what to see

Vanity skids through my consciousness leaving no room for the emergence of the true me

My ideals sprout from the knowledgeable size of my restricted mind

A phenomenon vaguely real in the covert borders of my self will

Daily I lounge at the vines picking out the foxes that spoil the challenging in me

The perfect life I seek to lead but in totality, nothing my effort seems to yield

For with insight revealed, a personality I glean from

Nothing possessed by me seem to equate the truth from Him

Through Him I tend to see, the past a shadow, the present a storm and future rest assured.

Humanity proves to wrestle with God a stupidity and to disbelieve an animosity

To whom then shall we cleave to suture our weakened beings

I hope for His gift of wisdom to grant me a trail at courage’s feet

I stand in His victory taking strength at the source to fight in faith

The uprooting of the God-mind in me

Via nature, the wonder of His words are seen

The marking of dawn filled with loving spree

To know your love and remain in grace I do plead

Teach my soul to wait and hope on your saving Spirit

For you are my root, my goal and salvation

I will delight in you and peace to my spirit will follow


The Funny Fellow

Once knew a girl who would never cling, always she would seat calmily, her eyes ever-wandering yet lips never questioning. Her demeanor never shallow, she would cower in solitude leaving conversations destitute. Her goals were never swallowed up in the band-wagon’s shadow but would give a glimpse of humor when complexities arose. Her time was precious, her mannerism hallowed yet nothing seemed perfectly right with this funny fellow . The back seat in class was always attended by her religiously, to catch every philosophical order although the latter seemed to prove better as logic severed any unanswered rhema. 

She wore intelligence on her sleeves, her persistence strong in skin and in the futility of the fellow kin in making her do their will. As relaxed as a humming bee, she would peck through insecurities not necessarily giving antidoctes but prescribing detectable maladies.

This lady I’d often see, alone even in the midst of noisy friends; lost in her quizzical thoughts of things many fail to check. A genius mind, a child-like heart; a personality of quivering interest locked up in an attitude of a feminist mind.

In this lady I’d often sense, a certainty of the present, a non-chalance for the past and bubbling portfolios of the possible future. She was never all-gleeful neither did she drink up the contents of sorrow’s cup. The faults in her spheres were evident due to her ignorant or rather divergent views on how to care. There were no tutorials as to keeping so she reigned in all intuition of how to skillfully play big.

This lady I’d often watch from a scene, never try to get entangled within until she took from me that which was untouchable. The world seemed to stop as she walked towards me, I could hear hear silence as loud as a resounding gun when she stopped by me.

This lady, to whom I owed no thoughts slipped a paper through my hand and left me staring after her in shock. The force was with me that day as the lecturer was absent in state. Anticipation clenched my guts in suspense as I opened the paper to feed my curiosity.

Sometimes , I sit in the bench and wonder on the outcome of my funny fellow, the words still imprinted in my mind. I remain as abashed by the action now as of then. I sought the reason for the maligned plot. To me, I was the lucky one yet she seemed always chosen having bought a right slot at the king’s table. Years turn and I hold my little one, teaching him about crossroads until I hear a voice deviant and familiar in tune…….. I look up to see my funny fellow smiling with a mischevious glint in her eyes while disbelief washes away all doubts. I keep smiling until the doctor says…
“Mr. Aliso stop zoning out, I hope you have been taking your pills. You should be careful about this disease, I wouldn’t have you telling people about unreal persons or things. I stare back at him suddenly remembering the doctor’s office but also wondering if the lady was all a fragment of my funny fantasy.


In structure and mind we differ, you with your toy gun and I with my doll

Both content in our own world opening only to those we trust.

Time passes and we both thrive, I with my flowers and you with your guitar

Trying to find ourselves while making our own mark

We leave the past to run with Christ

Our giant strides taken in wisdom’s path

We both write, I of my feminine mind and you in your masculine might

Both trying to reach out to grasp the essence of our fights

You seek and I find in the motion of time,

A common ground, a joint hope, a renewed heart

In an unexpected tide we mix our lives

Learning vices and sharing minds

I with my determined heart and you with your focused eyes

Together we turn the tides, growing in love, strengthening all ties

You with your unwavering faith and I with my praying knees

Soaring above sin, we would gladly live, in our master’s creed

We would believe till a point we would become holy within him.

Looking out to the unseen things, I boldly decree

To you I would cleave as a virtuous queen and you as my wise king

Both following as God would deem fit


When Love Found Me

In the absence of space and time, love existed. He was sufficient enough for everything so much that He birthed His reflection and thus thought of me. In His heart and glory, He carried me till a point He had planned out a purpose for me. For some time, I came into living in the vaguely familiar memories or stories of Him even if I was almost indifferent to knowing Him.
Although stories were told to learn lessons from which to live; the story of love dying on a tree or living as me only without an end didn’t just seat well with me. As I grew in the physical sense, no impact was felt, no purpose reflected or meaning seen other than the fact I knew of such things as freedom, sin, holiness, beauty, grace, heaven and hell. Believing was simply agreeing to the supposed facts but not living in the affirmed truth which I had experienced. To me, He was an abstract thing, myth until one evening I MET HIM!
He wasn’t one naturally hidden except it took more to the eye to view Him. With all the usual stories I didn’t expect much neither did His appearance, His quiet nature, determined walk, mending kit and hot breaking skills impress me. He walked toward me, His eyes fixed on me yet seeing into me and then!—–He hit me. I felt and knew suddenly all past deeds were nothing compared to knowing Him. His virtue seemed to flow through me as I evidently could pray, sing and praise without much thinking. My blood was pumping, my heart beating quite normally but somehow an extraordinary thing in me came to knowledge. With a repenting heart, a thankful mind and a bewildered brain I realized —– LOVE had found me and came to live in me! We didn’t talk much although He seemed to understand me, I sometimes act wrong but He wisely corrects me. I may not have fully understood Him but if I stick to Him, I remain loved and pass it unto others. With my past written off, my present being led and my future assured, love did rescue me so I walk in faith, hope and trust till I be exactly like Him.

– Odimbu Peace


cute-baby - Copy

Some believe that this cosmic earth came from a supreme being, that all things work according to His will. Others believe in no such thing with proven reason creating out of reasoning a scientific evolution theory but yet a few believe out of nothingness came forth all things. In a whole we try to sum up the birth of the earth, its resident people and answer the question of who owns what. Philosophers are seen to be wisest amongst men but even their wisdom remains questionable for who we are, what life is or who God is are questions amongst many that even they never seem to give definite and ultimate answers to. All they ever seem to do is go round around the problem definition without providing a probable and viable answer or solution. Continue reading