The Funny Fellow

Once knew a girl who would never cling, always she would seat calmily, her eyes ever-wandering yet lips never questioning. Her demeanor never shallow, she would cower in solitude leaving conversations destitute. Her goals were never swallowed up in the band-wagon’s shadow but would give a glimpse of humor when complexities arose. Her time was precious, her mannerism hallowed yet nothing seemed perfectly right with this funny fellow . The back seat in class was always attended by her religiously, to catch every philosophical order although the latter seemed to prove better as logic severed any unanswered rhema. 

She wore intelligence on her sleeves, her persistence strong in skin and in the futility of the fellow kin in making her do their will. As relaxed as a humming bee, she would peck through insecurities not necessarily giving antidoctes but prescribing detectable maladies.

This lady I’d often see, alone even in the midst of noisy friends; lost in her quizzical thoughts of things many fail to check. A genius mind, a child-like heart; a personality of quivering interest locked up in an attitude of a feminist mind.

In this lady I’d often sense, a certainty of the present, a non-chalance for the past and bubbling portfolios of the possible future. She was never all-gleeful neither did she drink up the contents of sorrow’s cup. The faults in her spheres were evident due to her ignorant or rather divergent views on how to care. There were no tutorials as to keeping so she reigned in all intuition of how to skillfully play big.

This lady I’d often watch from a scene, never try to get entangled within until she took from me that which was untouchable. The world seemed to stop as she walked towards me, I could hear hear silence as loud as a resounding gun when she stopped by me.

This lady, to whom I owed no thoughts slipped a paper through my hand and left me staring after her in shock. The force was with me that day as the lecturer was absent in state. Anticipation clenched my guts in suspense as I opened the paper to feed my curiosity.

Sometimes , I sit in the bench and wonder on the outcome of my funny fellow, the words still imprinted in my mind. I remain as abashed by the action now as of then. I sought the reason for the maligned plot. To me, I was the lucky one yet she seemed always chosen having bought a right slot at the king’s table. Years turn and I hold my little one, teaching him about crossroads until I hear a voice deviant and familiar in tune…….. I look up to see my funny fellow smiling with a mischevious glint in her eyes while disbelief washes away all doubts. I keep smiling until the doctor says…
“Mr. Aliso stop zoning out, I hope you have been taking your pills. You should be careful about this disease, I wouldn’t have you telling people about unreal persons or things. I stare back at him suddenly remembering the doctor’s office but also wondering if the lady was all a fragment of my funny fantasy.

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