I seldom think after who to follow, where to begin or what to see

Vanity skids through my consciousness leaving no room for the emergence of the true me

My ideals sprout from the knowledgeable size of my restricted mind

A phenomenon vaguely real in the covert borders of my self will

Daily I lounge at the vines picking out the foxes that spoil the challenging in me

The perfect life I seek to lead but in totality, nothing my effort seems to yield

For with insight revealed, a personality I glean from

Nothing possessed by me seem to equate the truth from Him

Through Him I tend to see, the past a shadow, the present a storm and future rest assured.

Humanity proves to wrestle with God a stupidity and to disbelieve an animosity

To whom then shall we cleave to suture our weakened beings

I hope for His gift of wisdom to grant me a trail at courage’s feet

I stand in His victory taking strength at the source to fight in faith

The uprooting of the God-mind in me

Via nature, the wonder of His words are seen

The marking of dawn filled with loving spree

To know your love and remain in grace I do plead

Teach my soul to wait and hope on your saving Spirit

For you are my root, my goal and salvation

I will delight in you and peace to my spirit will follow



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