I have said earlier in this series that life is a race, a marathon race at that. If life then is a race, it therefore connotes that we are athletes. Also remember I said the rules here are different from the first hurdle you passed. In the race before you came to earth, your victory was dependent on the inability of others to reach the mark before you. But in Liferathon, you are solely responsible for the outcome.

As I looked into some marathon racers that wrote their names in the sand of time, I noticed a commonality, which will take us closer to the main theme of this series.

I noticed that in a marathon race, you do not need to attack the race with all your strength at the beginning. You can run at a steady pace and at the same time keep a close distance with other athletes. As the race progresses, you gradually increase momentum.

Let me say this to you today; your starting might be slow, but it does not mean you cannot win. All you need to do is gradually increase your momentum, with time, you will have the victory. Quitting the race should never be an option to consider. If you are considering that now, I will plead with you to stay with me till the end of this series. I am trusting God that you will definitely receive strength to get to the finish line of this Liferathon.

Stay blessed.
And a happy new month to you


(Transforming the World through the Word)


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