He found me…

…and just again I was disappointed. It felt like I slept through the journey and just when I thought I had landed, my hopes got crashed.
He, Mr Law, was really cool, even cooler you could chill drinks in him. He promised me satisfaction if I’ll continually obey. I could almost swear I had this locked in with a B and K because I was all ready to do what he wanted.
I gave in. Like a skin to a boil, I gave in for a swell time of my life.

I wanted to please him and earn his love and trust. But sooner than later, the usual dreaded realization dawned and I prayed to race out for it was all empty and void.
Worse still each try left me feeling so incompetent. He even made me see that it’s all my fault, all the time.
Maybe, I gotta get up and try and try and try…quitters never quit yea? 

I’ve tried many times but it just doesn’t seem to work.
Something tells me that there must be someone, yes that one guy…that guy that loves completely.

But where is he?

My Soul longs to see 

With him I crave to be

Maybe he exists only in my fantasy. 
Even if he does exist, how much longer should I wait?

How much more time do I have to spare?

“A woman’s time flies…” or so they say;

I hope I’ll still be in mine when he calls.
I am really tired of testing and trying, tasting and spitting out.

My soul gets parched each time I do.

I just hope I’ll still be in my time when he calls.
Still lost in the noise of my very own thoughts, Which had long started to sound like music, I didn’t realize I had wandered off into the road I once denied.

A road so broad yet lacked space.
In this vagabond state, unable to discern what the morrow holds and barely caring what happens next, I heard my name.
I was stunned ‘cos never before had my name sounded such harmony.

T’was the most beautiful sound that has ever walked into my ears. 
This voice so gentle yet strong and firm called for me to exchange my burdens for rest but having wandered so long, it sounded too good for trust…and again I felt there ought to be a price for it. Nothing goes for nothing.
In my state of doubt still, the voice beckoned. It still sounded too easy, I couldn’t give into that. My old lovers weren’t that nice.
The sweet voice persisted and then my eyes opened and I saw a spark of light which flickered in front of me.
Nothing and nobody can be compared to the one I saw standing in front of me when my eyes fully opened.

His eyes held so much love that penetrated and irrigated my soul.

The intensity of his tenderness was unbearable so that I fell, yes, I fell into his strong arms where my safety rests assured.

My head rested on a heart that beats for me and I drowned in a satisfaction that has never been conceived by nature.
I couldn’t help but ask Mr Grace where he had been all this while. As he spoke to me I saw his love. A love that is not affected by my inconsistencies. I didn’t even have to work for it…it was free! I just accepted it and that’s all I ever did.
He found me!

And sorry I was not in my time, I was in His.
-HIS Ruth


I have said earlier in this series that life is a race, a marathon race at that. If life then is a race, it therefore connotes that we are athletes. Also remember I said the rules here are different from the first hurdle you passed. In the race before you came to earth, your victory was dependent on the inability of others to reach the mark before you. But in Liferathon, you are solely responsible for the outcome.

As I looked into some marathon racers that wrote their names in the sand of time, I noticed a commonality, which will take us closer to the main theme of this series.

I noticed that in a marathon race, you do not need to attack the race with all your strength at the beginning. You can run at a steady pace and at the same time keep a close distance with other athletes. As the race progresses, you gradually increase momentum.

Let me say this to you today; your starting might be slow, but it does not mean you cannot win. All you need to do is gradually increase your momentum, with time, you will have the victory. Quitting the race should never be an option to consider. If you are considering that now, I will plead with you to stay with me till the end of this series. I am trusting God that you will definitely receive strength to get to the finish line of this Liferathon.

Stay blessed.
And a happy new month to you


(Transforming the World through the Word)


For every symbolic event in history, there is a defining moment. A lot of activities could contribute to culminate that historic event, but there is always this moment when it will be conspicuous that history will be made.

The 78th minute goal scored by Victor Ikpeba during the 1996 Olympic semi final game between Nigeria and Brazil was obviously the defining moment of that historic game.

During the historic marathon race of 1960, the defining moment in that race was the sight of the Obelisk of Axum by Abebe Bikila as he strode towards the finish line. For a great part of the game, he tried to keep abreast of the race favourite. But the sight of that statue became his springboard to writing his name in the history books.

Out of all the things going on in your life now, there is that particular one that is your springboard to victory and greatness. You will need to pray for sensitivity in order to make the most out of it. That difficult situation you are in today that has brought you to the point of almost throwing in the towel, could just be the spring board to victory. Hang in there, don’t give up yet, you are just one step away from winning. Just step on the spring board and win.

Stay blessed.


(Transforming the World through the Word)



“…Do whatever He tells you to”
(John 2:5)

Good Evening Friends. It’s EVERYDAY JESUS, yet again and ALWAYS. I’d be telling us a short story. Stay put, please!

I was on transit, sometimes ago; I passed something that made a remembrance run across my mind. It had the face of a dear friend form a persistent vision in the lenses of my mind. Then I heard it clearly, “Pray for Him”. It was clear, but sincerely, I had no drive, even to pray in the Holy Ghost, probably due to the pretty bad outing I just had.

Still in that dilema, I saw something like a trance; a horrid motion picture of something dreadful happening at this same friend’s workplace.

I got gripped by fear. I rushed for my mobile, dialed his phone number, and OOOOOPS!; not reachable! Then the tension came calling, plus fear and worry. My mind racing as in a flash, exploring all the possible propensities to the hurt that may befall him.

NOTE: If you’d notice, my options now, were void of GOD’S WILL or what he’d have had me do.

I was in that confused state till my phone rang; and my ringtone was a great spirit-filled reminder,- “Lecrae’s All I Need is You….”. I silenced the phone’s volume, upon the dawning that swept over me( don’t ask me if I picked the call).

All I really needed wasn’t all of the doses of those anti-Christ(s),- the fear, tension, worry, etc. If I had “done what He had told me to”, all other shows wouldn’t have been called for. What He asked me to do was so simple, less stressful. But I bounced off. And guess what, the adversary proffered a negative film. He almost gave me a Prayer point(sorry, worrying point). Praying from a fearful, disobedient heart wouldn’t have pleased God.

“… And by granting us the privilege of serving God fearlessly, freed from our enemies…” Luke 1:2.
That was the plan. That is still the plan.

A times, we get spiritual heads-up on issues of great exigencies and we blow it all up. What else would you have needed to be convinced of the leading or inspiration? Those heads-up coming up time after time, are our thoughts in Christ; coming from the inside of us, because Christ is indwelling us.

Maybe, we needed a mega voice; of a mighty Man of God from Wherever to come with a resonating, prophetic declaration of “What God would have us do”, even in the minute details of our lives.
That’s way far from how God relates with us. We’re Good ; God and I. I am a friend of Jesus(you could echo that). Don’t even bother asking, “who am I that He’s mindful of me?”. Anyways, I’d tell you.

“For it Pleased the God-head to bodily dwell in Jesus, the Christ”.

“And Christ in us, ushers us into a glorious hope and inheritance,- the God Head, also dwells bodily in us. Inferentially, all of me is All of God”.
Again, all our renewed thoughts are His Biddings. Don’t Hesitate. No room for Anti-Christ(s). Fear, contention and disobedience to the Spirit’s leadings are far from Jesus.

I’d Say Yes, Jesus… I’d Say Yes.
To your Will, Lord, I’d Say Yes.
Where you Lead me, I’d go.
I’d Say Yes, Jesus… I’d say Yes.
No Room for ANTI-CHRIST(s).

“To be continued Tomorrow”.