Ages ago on Calvary’s abode
On chiseled trees and rugged terrains
Between the cross and the shame
A cruci-fixion show to fix my soul
That my Saviour came all alone
From Glory to fill my dying soul
Changing charges for me in a death row
From negative to positive
Yet he went through the reverse horrible flow
Just for me to be saved
All because He loves me
Even more than He loves Himself

He became the first love letter
Written with His life and His blood as the ink
Being read with grace
And embraced by true believing hearts
For this His word says
That greater love has no man shown
That even while we were yet sinners
Christ came to die for us
Oh! what a bleeding love letter
Filled with mercy and tears
That looked beyond my weaknesses
And turned this Sinner into a Saint
And so we all are
Thanks to His work on Calvary’s cross

So what then?
I mean what next?
So a letter he became
Letters he made us as His aim
To carry His Kingdom and His name
Giving Him all the fame
In everything and everyday
Surrendering all to Him
In love like no child’s play
We are His letters of love
Written not on stony tablets
But on heart tablets
The ink being His life poured on us
Due to His Holy Spirit upon our lives
Through our redemption on Calvary’s cross

So let the world daily read
Not sin but holiness
Not lust but love
Not hatred but compassion
Not unforgiveness but forgiveness
Not lies but truth
Not evil but good
Not foolishness but wisdom
Not malice but forbearance
Not hypocrisy but sincerity
But above all
Let the world see Christ
Reigning In the midst our hearts
With “love works” at its peak
Extinguishing the flames of selfish deeds
“For Just as He is, so we are on Earth”

For we truly are letters of His love
An extention of His Kingdom on Earth
But just before I drop my pen
I will love to ask”How is your letter being read?”

Kenneth Ebisike
Official CAP Poet

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