Karen Kingsbury is an American Christian novelist. She was a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times and later wrote for the Los Angeles Daily News. Her first book,”Missy’s Murder (1991)”, was based on a murder story that she covered in Los Angeles. During this time, she had an article published in “People Magazine”

She has written more than 50 novels, with five co-written, and has nearly 13 million copies of her novels in print. She is the #1 New York Times and USA today best selling novelist with the last dozen books published topping bestseller lists.

She is really good like that!

Some of her novels are being developed into movies by hallmark Films including The Bridge and A Time to Dance which aired in 2015. The 23 book Baxter family novel series is being adapted to a television series. Lightworks Media and Roma Downey have the rights to develop the series.

Kingsbury also does public speaking and through national events she reaches more than 100,000 each year not to mention, Karen Kingsbury co-wrote her first song, “Walls” with Gary Baker and Richie McDonald; it appeared on McDonald’s inspirational album, I Turn to You and hit Christian and Country radio in January 2009. She wrote the song, “Tell Me to Breathe”, that will go on to be included on the upcoming album from Marie Osmond . She also wrote “Miracles Happen”, a Christmas song sung by Richie McDonald which now appears on McDonald’s CD, “If every day could be Christmas”.

She is multi-talented like that!



Karen Kingsbury was born in June 8, 1963 in Fairfax Virginia as the oldest of 5 children. Her family moved around a lot because of her fathers job with IBM. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Cal State University Nothridge in 1986. After she graduated she worked for the Los Angeles Times as a sports writer.

New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Kingsbury poses for portraits in the Hancock Welcome Center on February 24, 2015. (Photo by Ty Hester)

New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Kingsbury poses for portraits in the Hancock Welcome Center on February 24, 2015. (Photo by Ty Hester)

She married her husband on July 23, 1989. They found out they were expecting their first child, Kelsey, on their sixth month anniversary. Their third child, Austin, had a severe heart defect and had heart surgery at three weeks old. They adopted three sons from Haiti which are Sean, Josh and EJ.

Kelsey, her daughter, is an actress and is married to Kyle Kupecky a Christian recording artist and they have a son. Tyler, her second oldest child is becoming a screenwriter and Sean, Austin and EJ are students at Liberty University, while Austin is in high school.

Karen Kingsbury’s father died due to complications from diabetes. She chose to start eating healthier and to cut out sugar and as a result lost 70 pounds between January and November in 2007.

Amazing right!




She has authored an impressive number of novels which include

 Standalone novels

(1) Between Sundays

(2) The Bridge – this was made into a television movie in 2015 shown on The Hallmark Channel

(3) The Chance

(4) Coming Home

(5) Divine

(6) Fifteen Minutes

(7) Like Dandelion Dust

(8) Oceans Apart

(9) On Every Side

(10) Shades of Blue

(11) This Side of Heaven (w/ friends from Cody Gunner series)

(12) Unlocked

(13) Where Yesterday Lives

(14) When Joy Came to Stay

(15) Angels Walking series

(16) Angels Walking

(17) Chasing Sunsets

(18) A Brush of Wings

(19) Heart of the Story collection

(20) The Family of Jesus

(21) The Friends of Jesus


9/11 Series

(22) One Tuesday Morning

(23) Beyond Tuesday Morning

(24) Remember Tuesday Morning – former title Every Now


The Lost Love series

(25) Even Now

(26) Ever After

(27) Red Gloves series

(28) Gideon’s Gift

(29) Maggie’s Miracle

(30) Sarah’s Song

(31) Hannah’s Hope


Forever Faithful series

(32) Waiting for Morning

(33) A Moment of Weakness

(34) Halfway to Forever

(35) Timeless Love series

(36) A Time to Dance – made into a television movie in May 2016 and shown on The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel

(37) A Time to Embrace


Cody Gunner series

(38) A Thousand Tomorrows

(39) Just Beyond the Clouds


Redemption series – BAXTER ONE

(40) Redemption

(41) Remember

(42) Return

(43) Rejoice

(44) Reunion


Firstborn series – BAXTER TWO

(45) Fame

(46) Forgiven

(47) Found

(48) Family

(49) Forever


Sunrise series – BAXTER THREE

(50) Sunrise



(53) Sunset


Above the Line series – BAXTER FOUR

(54) Take One

(55) Take Two

(56) Take Three

(57) Take Four


Bailey Flanigan series – BAXTER FIVE

(58) Leaving

(59) Learning

(60) Longing

(61) Loving

(62) Children’s books

(63) Always Daddy’s Princess

(64) The Brave Young Knight

(65) Far Fluttery

(66) Go Ahead and Dream

(67) Let Me Hold You Longer

(68) Let’s Go On a Mommy Date

(69) Let’s Have a Daddy Day

(70) The Princess and the Three Knights

(71) We Believe In Christmas

(72) Whatever You Grow Up To Be


Gift books

(73) Forever Young

(74) Be Safe Little Boy

(75) Stay Close Little Girl

(76) Forever My Little Boy

(77) Forever My Little Girl

(78) True crime

(79) Missy’s Murder

(80) The Snake and the Spider

(81) Deadly Pretender: The Double Life of David Miller

(82) Final Vows



(83) The Beginning – prequel to THE BRIDGE

(84) Elizabeth Baxter’s 10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

(85) I Can Only Imagine


Treasury of Miracles Books

(86) A Treasury of Christmas Miracles

(87) A Treasury of Miracles for Women

(88) A Treasury of Miracles for Teens

(89) A Treasury of Miracles for Friends

(90) A Treasury of Adoption Miracles Devotional


She has also featured in some movies such as:

(1) Like Dandelion Dust (2009)

(2) Gideon’s Gift (September 2015)

(3) The Bridge (December 2015)

(4) A Time to Dance (May 2016)




(1) She has the passion to inspire people(of different ages)through her books, movies, songs and speeches; which we should also show forth in our dalily life ( and bring sustained sparks in people’s lives.


(2) She has a helping and faithful heart as shown by the help she rendered by adopting the three Haitian children and by having faith in God concerning her own biological son that came down with a heart disease at the early stages of his life.


(3) She shows excellence and creativity in all her works, which should also be part of our lives especially in whatever field we may be relevant in.


Other lessons are embedded in this biography, so let me not say it all.


Search it out by yourself!


She lives with her family in Tennessee, United States Of America.



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-The Christ A Poet Team Biographies Team


Ages ago on Calvary’s abode
On chiseled trees and rugged terrains
Between the cross and the shame
A cruci-fixion show to fix my soul
That my Saviour came all alone
From Glory to fill my dying soul
Changing charges for me in a death row
From negative to positive
Yet he went through the reverse horrible flow
Just for me to be saved
All because He loves me
Even more than He loves Himself

He became the first love letter
Written with His life and His blood as the ink
Being read with grace
And embraced by true believing hearts
For this His word says
That greater love has no man shown
That even while we were yet sinners
Christ came to die for us
Oh! what a bleeding love letter
Filled with mercy and tears
That looked beyond my weaknesses
And turned this Sinner into a Saint
And so we all are
Thanks to His work on Calvary’s cross

So what then?
I mean what next?
So a letter he became
Letters he made us as His aim
To carry His Kingdom and His name
Giving Him all the fame
In everything and everyday
Surrendering all to Him
In love like no child’s play
We are His letters of love
Written not on stony tablets
But on heart tablets
The ink being His life poured on us
Due to His Holy Spirit upon our lives
Through our redemption on Calvary’s cross

So let the world daily read
Not sin but holiness
Not lust but love
Not hatred but compassion
Not unforgiveness but forgiveness
Not lies but truth
Not evil but good
Not foolishness but wisdom
Not malice but forbearance
Not hypocrisy but sincerity
But above all
Let the world see Christ
Reigning In the midst our hearts
With “love works” at its peak
Extinguishing the flames of selfish deeds
“For Just as He is, so we are on Earth”

For we truly are letters of His love
An extention of His Kingdom on Earth
But just before I drop my pen
I will love to ask”How is your letter being read?”

Kenneth Ebisike
Official CAP Poet



“Why” was my question, ”nothing” was the reply

But my mortal eyes were signs of untold sly

Heartfelt sympathy filled my ears,

Streaming down my eyes exactly like tears

My fears deepened my smiles extinguished

For just like a troubled ship, my joy was sinking

I had a plight so great that my heart couldn’t take a fight

So tough, my strength couldn’t stand a river so torrid, I couldn’t cross

A pain so deep, I couldn’t bear

I could go on, but my tears wouldn’t stop

My mind became a room of questions, filled with lights of confusion

Oh! How I wished to cry the more,

For I couldn’t understand why a man should live as if he would never die

And die as if he never lived,

For this was the death of a mortal dad


I lived a life so good, at least to my understanding,

I was righteous; in my neighborhood, my life was seemingly perfect,

Don’t get me wrong, I am not self-righteous

All I’m saying is that I didn’t see this doom coming,

‘Cause I thought I was far from a sad ending

My story got worse when the money of a day was given to me for a month

I could only shake my head, wondering why poverty was close by,

Even when my efforts stood out

I wanted to pray, but my faith was weak

“Is God still on my side?”

“Does he still love me?” I would ask

“Life is unfair to me” I would say!

For I waited for help and found loneliness

I cried for assistance but recorded resistance,

Even my only sibling got to know the reality of being a dropout…


How sad! My life was becoming a theory of hardship,

Cause all was seemingly lost I only had a last hope

A hope that my being couldn’t appreciate

A hope my mind had swayed from; one that was once my first love

One that my heart now doubted

A true hope that couldn’t fail in reality

A hope called Jesus

My fears and burdens I began to cast on him,

‘Cause he said I should do so

I tried loving him again, but my guilt was there

It occurred to me I was selfish

I had no fruit of long suffering cause if he had behaved the way I did,

I doubt if I would even think of salvation

He paid the price for me without asking the question ”why”


I forgot he could change water into wine

Maybe that was why I couldn’t dine with his friendship

He was close by, but I was burden focused

He was comforting me, but I was fear conscious

Maybe that was the only way he could get my attention

By making me see him as my last option

I prayed for forgiveness because his light of righteousness exposed my selfishness

At last! My life turned better, even though I struggled

But I was now filled with love that made things easier

I became happier, but here is the lesson:


My joy should depend on my relationship with God and not on my earthly possessions cause he is a jealous god and he suffereth no rivals truthfully. My life will be better if only I pray harder, complain less and praise more, because God knows my entire mind became enlightened by the fact that he won’t work in my will unless he can only be there by himself


This truth I humbly accepted and moved forward cause he is just God in all the world.


In Awesome Qualities…

..In Sweet Compassion,He Gives Me Special Attention
In Complete Trust,He Takes Away My Fears
In Humble Love,He Gave His Life For Me
In Ultimate Sacrifice,He Shed His Blood For Humanity
In Unending Mercies,He Forgives Me
In Pure Grace,He Gives Me Transformation
In Blissful Kindness,He extends His Hands Of Goodness
In Continuous Favor,He Helps Me
In Enduring Patience,He Waits For Me
In Joy,He Is My Source Of Joy
In Self Control,He Disciplines Me
In Humility,He Teaches Me Equality
In Perfect Majesty,He Shows His Glorious Personality
In Splendid Nature,He Illustrates The True Meaning Of Beauty, Creating Perfect Views Of Splendor
In Amazing Talents,He Shows Us That Variety Is The Spice Of Life
In Government,He Ruleth Forever, Cause His Coming Kingdom Has No End
In My Body,He Is The Holy Spirit
In My Soul,He Is The Word Of God That Renews Me
In My Spirit,He Is The One That Fills Me Up With Gifts
In The Past,He Had No Beginning
In The Future,He Has No End
In My life, He is Lord and Savior
In All, His name is Jesus

Ebisike Kenneth


Drowning in the ocean of mediocrity,
I felt i never had an ability;
It all seems like a disease in my mentallity,
That is even proclaiming my timidity;
It began as a feeling…
then a thought…
and it finally became my doom,
Thereby enclosing me in a sad room;
I just wanted to be free from this mindset,
but I felt I would still go down just like sunset

Truthfully, it was as if my mind slapped me,
Cause I couldn’t visualize any scene of greatness
I felt jinxed!
I began to realize that my problem wasn’t really with mediocrity,
It was with the word”confidence” in which i had lost in my own ability
I seem to believe that I can’t fly,
Possibly because I have no wing of self confidence;
I became sad, which made me feel bad
Even when I should be glad
However, I concluded that I don’t really have to feel confident
To actually be confident!
I can rise to the peak of greatness
If only I practice being confident…

Ebisike Kenneth


Gradually and painfully the fearful yet critical moment had come!

Coldly staring at me was reality which seems to have collaborated with my erring identity.

I needed a direct change in d life I lived for so many years,

So as to get into a vivid range of blissful sanity.

But now, I am too old and lost in the iniquity that I lived. Continue reading




No Silence

No Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Silence!!! The sweet beginning is horribly becoming a sad mountain, forming from the dip holes of hurts and springing forth through the vents of humans.., just like a fruitless tree; the constant thoughts of irreversible goals gradually seems to end with a mere painful achievement because you were SILENT!! How be it that you are scared to proclaim your own breakthrough with you lips or afraid to claim the seraphic promises of God with your mouth?

Silence!!… It consumes the largest part of one’s destiny making humans and demons to control your actions, leaving you as an unfulfilled mediocre which you are not created to be in the first place; remember the truthful words of wise men… “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”… and also meditate on the psalmist lyrics… “Open your mouth and I will fill you up”.

Don’t be silent my dear friend, there is power in your tongue to change your situation.

For just as the rain comes in abundance in its season, so shall you come into your season of abundance, I f you only forbid and forsake the old-miracle- delaying trick of the devil, termed SILENCE!



When trouble runs me down and rumbles fill my life
When problems become sand and disappointment turn to water
So that I can hardly walk or drink,
When it seems like my efforts are
Useless and mu abilities are in doubt,
I will fly neither to the moon nor to the stars
But move up higher into the region
Of faith in the pain I shall find fame,
And in the disappointment,
I shall find appointments
For I have a wonderful God that shall
Make all things well for me…

Ebisike K.