In Awesome Qualities…

..In Sweet Compassion,He Gives Me Special Attention
In Complete Trust,He Takes Away My Fears
In Humble Love,He Gave His Life For Me
In Ultimate Sacrifice,He Shed His Blood For Humanity
In Unending Mercies,He Forgives Me
In Pure Grace,He Gives Me Transformation
In Blissful Kindness,He extends His Hands Of Goodness
In Continuous Favor,He Helps Me
In Enduring Patience,He Waits For Me
In Joy,He Is My Source Of Joy
In Self Control,He Disciplines Me
In Humility,He Teaches Me Equality
In Perfect Majesty,He Shows His Glorious Personality
In Splendid Nature,He Illustrates The True Meaning Of Beauty, Creating Perfect Views Of Splendor
In Amazing Talents,He Shows Us That Variety Is The Spice Of Life
In Government,He Ruleth Forever, Cause His Coming Kingdom Has No End
In My Body,He Is The Holy Spirit
In My Soul,He Is The Word Of God That Renews Me
In My Spirit,He Is The One That Fills Me Up With Gifts
In The Past,He Had No Beginning
In The Future,He Has No End
In My life, He is Lord and Savior
In All, His name is Jesus

Ebisike Kenneth

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