No Silence

No Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Silence!!! The sweet beginning is horribly becoming a sad mountain, forming from the dip holes of hurts and springing forth through the vents of humans.., just like a fruitless tree; the constant thoughts of irreversible goals gradually seems to end with a mere painful achievement because you were SILENT!! How be it that you are scared to proclaim your own breakthrough with you lips or afraid to claim the seraphic promises of God with your mouth?

Silence!!… It consumes the largest part of one’s destiny making humans and demons to control your actions, leaving you as an unfulfilled mediocre which you are not created to be in the first place; remember the truthful words of wise men… “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”… and also meditate on the psalmist lyrics… “Open your mouth and I will fill you up”.

Don’t be silent my dear friend, there is power in your tongue to change your situation.

For just as the rain comes in abundance in its season, so shall you come into your season of abundance, I f you only forbid and forsake the old-miracle- delaying trick of the devil, termed SILENCE!


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