Missed kiss

2nd Daniel

Pain. I started out from pain. My insides in turmoil as I stewed in pain’s oil yet everything, worked together for my good. I smile sometimes when I remember their faces and jokes and stories and yokes and then I, blink…

Thousands of times ago you, Father, thought me up; but then it might have been today because for someone who transcends the ‘before and after’ phenomenon of Time yet chooses to operate by it, what you go back and change will not have changed but will have always been as you made it. Change is a human adjective. Its always today for you.

If not how will those whom you called, be the same you predestined to bear the image of your son, when they are, we are, the same who nearly didn’t believe?

You thought me up…created me…gave flesh to the idea that is my spirit, my being.

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