He is life, existence; essence.
The substance of existents, of evidence.
Their is no being without him
Water is made of him
Fire was born in his presence.
All knowing, he is omnipotence
Heaven and Earth is in The Beginning.

He is Love, innocent; unconditional
Like a picture’s smile of approval
Patient, cautious, forgiving.
Though he hurts he keep giving
Omnipresent in his parental
task of offspring retrieval.
Merciful, compassionate, hoping
We all come home to him.

He is Light, knowledge; Power.
The ability to make or scatter
The thought within The Word,
Where meaning is stored.
The reverberation of matter,
When The Truth says a prayer,
The Receipt of Reconnection,
A Nature and Translation.

He is The Creator,
King of Heaven, GOD!!!


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