Questions for the atheist…


How do you do it?
When the sky is dark
And the storm is harsh
When your spirit is down
And your heart is heavy
When vicissitudes are much
And your ups are downs

How do you do it?
When the sound of music
Holds no worship
Devoid of passion
Have you ever felt it
Sobs of songs
Sobs of passion
Where do you turn to?
When you can’t go on
The odds are against you
The future looks bleak
When death strikes
And your confidant is gone

What do you hang on to?
Your eternity holds no hope
Just space
How do you do it?
Thinking you evolved
Such a pity
No gratefulness

What gives you joy?
Sighting the green trees and their lush fruits
the sea and the blue skies
the rain and the sun
And there is no omnipotence

How do you know it?
The larger than life itself
The uncertainties and mishaps
Hanging by a thread
When money can’t help
And love isn’t the answer

What do you do?
Is it worth it?
Being logical and calculative
When your burdens can be cast
And your heart can be peaceful
Be stupid and happy
Not logical and blue.

-Chidimma Nnagbo

5 thoughts on “Questions for the atheist…

  1. clubschadenfreude says:

    “Be stupid and happy”

    No, thank you. There is no benefit to being stupid; stupid people are not always happy.

    You rely on others to be logical when you use the fruits of their labors to make your life comfortable. Your attitude is hypocritical.


  2. Chukwu George says:

    Great one there.
    LET THERE BE LIGHT AND THERE WAS LIGHT. Its very simple. Everything that exists was caused to exist; electiricty caused my battery to be charged and my battery caused my phone to come on which caysed me to comment currently. fire causes heat, rain causes crops to grow, your parents caused you! If a lump of clay is sitting on the table in front of you, it’s not going to shape itself into a vase. That’s impossible, and unless you form the clay yourself it’s just going to sit there. So since everything that is created needs a cause, there must be a first, ultimate cause, which we call God. He caused light to come out of darkness.


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