He was one we were not accustomed to
A perfect percentage of divinity
We …never measured up
In our self right-is-us-ness

We made flaws look good and any goodness seemed strange
We did not carry His burden, His fruits we did not bear
We hardly noticed Him much less His signal
Our routine was …”opposed his motion!”
Objection! Was our response to his every witness cloaked with pride

We never crossed his paths, notoriously parallel
As our fatal destinies never had any neon light
But then He, Jesus, the Christ
Bumped into us in humble majesty,
To reveal His pierced hands once again,
In the spiritual court we never attended


Revelations and with mouths ajar

We were paralyzed to Light, stroked by Lightening
We lacked capacity
No, the voltage was high, resistance was fairy tale
As our defense came crumbling in our faces
He portrayed victory as He dashed our hand cuffs to defeat
Change became our routine
As He penetrated our walls
Now we run through troops
Leaping over walls
We, are His sons recruited
An artillery, no rank breaking

We carry a thousand cities in our hand
Ten thousand cities at our right hand
Our bellies, filled with the rivers of the Spirit
We flood these cities
We reveal His love, His kindness, His sweetness
Through Him we can naturally do all things
I mean, He is TDH
Truthful and Divinely Holy
So we, a product of His balanced equation
Were made when the sound of victory was heard
And all we do is to show the papers with His said verdict
You have been made free! Reveal Me!!

Azubuike Hannah Chinonso

(c) 2018

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