It is always a problem
The echoing word
Resolution, resolution, resolution
Because in recent times
It no longer rings well
It is an abuse
Every man is wise in January
Down the line… few days
Resolution becomes a pollution
The whole air gets polluted with a lot of unfulfilled goals

Weak vision and then limitation.

What a world!
The system no longer makes
human wise
Leading man’s perception like a shepherd leading his sheeps
Every one thinks the same
Live the same way
Wear the same thing
Speak the same way
Walk the same way
In the name of civilization
What an imitation
Weak revelation
Resolution the temporary map
For the fool
a kind of rule
For the wise
We get resolute because
When its January
We should be wise
get this…

A resolution without a vision
Is a problem a pollution
Learn to live larger than life
Stop being programmed
You need to live while alive
Your vision is paramount
Direct it well
And stay aligned with purpose on earth.

(c) 2018.

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