Before Evening, Eve ate the forbidden fresh fruit
Adam had sauntered smiling straight into the beautiful blessed garden
Listening to the sound silence could never had made
He felt at home and free riding of the elephant, boxing with the monkeys, racing through thickets with cheetah.

Eve must have felt lonesome all by herself without him or God
Animals were no perfect part of her
She needed one to hear her voice, feel her very deep void
And then fill her in with gusts of things that happened before the Master took her from Adam

Wiles had pitched it’s tent in the heart of the serpent
It wanted all to crawl ceaselessly like him
So, it made a tale to suit Eve’s curiosity.
It asked the million dollar question
Eve in her naivety answered
And before she could see the insensibility of her act, she wandered like the wind away from the Truth

By noon, Adam was tired of eating wild berries,
Home became a destination he hungered for like water
He remembered the promise he made Eve to eat fruits with her and his heart started glowing with expectations.
He had had taste of many a fruit in the garden, his eyes had eaten of them all
But his tongue was yet to testify of the new taste Eve would have him have.

Eve brought the fruit clothed beauty
He knew it came from the centre, the very fruit Master said brings death
He asked a question on what had birthed the madness
And Eve gave him a lecture so sweet, sweeping his decisions of long ago like the dust
He tried to mention the Master’s instruction and got an answer
The type of answer that leaves one wondering why one was not able to see deception
As plain as dry sky in the acts of the Master.
So, from Eve’s eager hands, hastily, he eat
Complimenting on the taste and the new feeling
He knew not how he had lead his progeny to a fall.

The Master came when the sun had started its movement back home
He called on Adam, the man that had hidden behind Eve in the Banana plantation
There was no answer except for the parrot’s unsolicited information
He walked straight laughing, “maybe Adam has started playing pranks”.
He was wrong, Adam had learnt to fear him, not reverentially
The Master is now an evil force to him.

“Man, where are you hiding, have host of lessons to share this evening,
Hiding will kill our time”, the Master said
“Your voice made my heart feel cold like a fowl in the tormenting winter”, Adam’s voice echoed
The Master raised his brows in askance,
“Ate thou the forbidden fruit?”
“Eve, the trouble you bestowed me with gave me”
And then, everything changed
Garments received their own life and human work lost its fun nature, work became a struggle
Birth process became a pain
First class enmity was created between the Serpent and Woman’s Child.
Adam lost the jolly times he once enjoyed with the supreme
But the Master kept working on bridging the divide between Himself and mortality
Men felt wiser and walked more into depravity,
God was wounded, but he never wiped men away

Simeon Chidi

(c) 2018

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