Everyday Jesus with Lion(An Interview)

Hey! Pleased to meet you, I’m Panthera Leo.

You’re perplexed I see, but please I beg you; do not look on me with a stranger’s eyes for though physically we have obvious disparities, we share some attributes.
I’ll tell you about me.
One, I have an unmistakable presence of nobility. It is not masked and I saw you noticed when you entered the park. I command respect even in my calmest state. I do not need to announce myself, my nature announces itself. Others think that I am feared because I am a ‘predator’ (I like to think of myself as just a gentle guy that hustles for his food…whatever food that is), but I know that isn’t true; I’m Leo because of my nature and I don’t have to put up some ‘act’.

I tripped over there and fell. Other folks fled. It would have been suicidal for them to stay around and glee and this is because I don’t stay down too long. My ‘mess ups’ do not excite my enemies much…they believe it’s part of the plan…”C’mon it’s Leo involved!” They say.
Two, there is this unruffleness and kingly calmness about me that is totally incomprehensible to the other folks. 

I thrive in danger not because I do not face what the others face. My nature is positively projected in the gravest danger and I’m committed not to miss my opportunities.

I do not talk or walk in anxiety. I’m in the spotlight and I won’t ever walk out of harmony with who I am. 

When faced with challenges, I just remember who I am and I let the world know it.
Finally, I envy you because You’re all these and more! The gap between us reaches to the heavens!

But I seem to be doing better. This is because I ALWAYS keep who I am in mind. You’re ALWAYS off and on but I’ve been committed to remembering who I am. 

Borrow this leaf from me.

Hi again, I’m Panthera Leo but you can call me LION.

By Ruth Ogbuabor, September 2017.

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