“I can’t remember if I seduced him or if he came calling for me.”


All I remember was the loud stumps of angry feet drawing closer and closer. Huge arms whisked me away from him and led me to the slaughter ground. My partner wasn’t with me. I don’t know why… but they let him go.


Fear gripped me.


My stomach rumbled.

My feet quaked.


So this is it for me? A painful death by stoning. I could imagine the heavy bricks landing on my soft skull. I knew the penalty of adultery, but I did it anyway. The fear of punishment didn’t stop my desires. Why is sin so strong even with the law?


As I kept thinking, they dragged me into the temple and brought me to the teacher. He was called ‘Rabbi.’

“We caught this woman in adultery”, they said. “And according to Moses’ law,” they continued. “We must stone her to death. So what do you say?”


He didn’t reply them. He stooped low and wrote in the dust. My heart almost stopped. It seemed like my life was in his hands.


His reply would save me from death…

His reply would save me from condemnation..

His reply would give me a second chance.


“My Lord, please say something!” my eyes screamed


Just then, he looked up and said “All right! But let he who has no sin be the first to cast the stone.”And he continued writing on the dust.




The murmurings gave way…

and one by one… each of them went their ways. Leaving me alone in dismay.

I was dumbfounded! So, we all have sinned? I thought it was just me.

He looked at me and said; “Where are your accusers? No one condemns you?”

“No one  Lord.” I replied.


“Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” He said.

And I never left his side since that day.


  • Ebisike Amarachi


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