Our State Before

We were sure that our strength would do us no good. Tension kept rising more than it is
currently in the northern parts of Nigeria where the infamous Boko Haram toys with human lives. Our plight was worse; we had no human figure to contend with. It was like fighting the figments of one’s imagination – or better still ,”hallucinating”. The more we tried to fight, the more we saw ourselves losing the battle. We took up anxiety only to discover that worrying helps no man – we found a better game plan: we gave ourselves wholly over to doing according to the whims of our revered thoughts; at least, to enjoy what ever happiness that one can get from this scalding life.

The more we tried to scavenge whatever happiness our hands could mine from the nightmare we called life, the more of ourselves we lost. Our morality turning to the muddled pool of wickedness, yet we swam in it without care. Our eyes lost their sparkles; we became as blind men groping in the dark seeking for the right way to go. . .

But there was no one to help us. Darkness became our home.That’s a funny way of saying that we became comfortable with darkness and shrank back from the glimmers of light that did visit us once in a while. We could see our end yet we felt glamoured and refused to believe it . That was our state before he came and saved us. . .

Before He said that it is finished. . .

We need not f eel sorry anymore but walk in the light He gives us as sons… Sons of light!

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light :they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.”

Isaiah 9:2


Simeon Chidi

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