Everyday Jesus –  4 loving-thing ‘sweet’ nothings that you don’t want!

The world is so ‘loved’ up that she really wants no more. I think I have heard a lot of ‘I love you’s that some of us really want no more. I mean, we have heard it too much that it only holds a little drop of water only and only when we want to fool around with a special someone. My point is this: ‘I love you’ is too clichéd that it means nothing to many people; I mean, didn’t anyone tell those words to Jeffery Dahmer and why did he end up with such a troubled mind that gets tranquilized only when he adds a medal to his ‘Milwaukee cannibal’ reputation, a money making condiment if you like- I mean, didn’t Juicy Jay add it to Katy Perry’s ‘Dark horse’ hit? What I am saying is that this renowned serial killing dude of the late 90s was ‘loved from the heart’ at least by his ma yet he loved to eat men’s hearts out! I think that he like many of us was born and raised by mere, I repeat mere 100% human parents who have got mere ‘sweet’ nothings that were no good for us because they were ‘loving junks’ to our little growing young hearts. I would want to show us these loving junks that we should not allow inside of us, so we don’t end up puking on anyone. I call them the loving-thing sweet nothings or junks if you like and ama tell on just 4:

“Never be mad, oh little one”. This is what ‘loving’ mummies and daddies and uncles and aunties all mean when they call little Denis ‘a messed up lazy thing’ just at the point he was about winning the heart of his 6 year old love of life; and this loving mummy and uncle expect Denis to say “oh thanks, that was just what I’ve been tryna say all day”. Ahn ahn, I repeat nah nah, Denis would be a menace because he’s got his own mind too, even if you say it’s a little one! Who said that babies do not have a right to be mad too, we can only give them enough liberty to fume at us, so that they might not want to yell at us later. They might actually, but we must show some empathy! By the way, you would never find this scene in that movie except you see it again in your mid harmattan night dream, just saying. Thanks!

“Awwwwn, she is such a cute little dumping place, can’t you see?”. This is what some mummies mean to say when they have some food stains on their hand written job application and want to put the blame on someone’s little life, even when she knows that this 7 year old someone had been chilling at her *Ma nnukwu’s place since God knows when. Little someone would feel like one messed up old poop especially if she had been trying to be a lady at least to gain some respect. My point is we should know when we are forcing the people we said we love to become sports rackets after we said that they are the objects of our love. Don’t even say that your racket is your best friend because even if you do, I’d tell you that it’s simply because it doesn’t have the will of mind to stop you from using it. Well, little ones do, okay?

“You are my love toy, baby”. (Coughs) please are you still with me? This is what Zee world mummies and daddies mean when they force their ‘favorite’ son to quit his untamed hopes and dreams because some successful mummy and daddy needs a successor to their own dreams. That is it.

“You have no life baby, but I can give you some”. This is what some mummies and daddies and besties do when you don’t agree with their views and persuasions and they say “you don’t love me, do you”? My point is, does love not set us free, and does love produce mindless zombies? I don’t think so, Abba Daddy in his love and power made us and gave us what it took to want or stab him, just think about it!

Favouromeje, 2017


*Ma nnukwu is the igbo title for Grandma

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