EVERYDAYJESUS tests every spirit!

Um, what do you usually see when you sit back with a bowl of popcorn or ice cream ( if you have the ice cream love genetic code in your DNA like me), to watch your favorite actor do his or her thing?

What do you usually see whenever you watch the news? Do you ever get to see something that nobody else ever gets to notice?

How about if you decide to do a little zee world with your mum, at least to make feel you care enough to enjoy what she enjoys? Do you finally enjoy it without feeling like you are seeing some wolf in sheep clothing?

Alright, what about ‘the now’ hit song? How about Nickelodeon, do you see the what I think I see when I watch even my own very favorite little man SpongeBob SquarePant, as innocent as the story is?

How about you decide to lock up yourself and live in the church so that you’d be ‘uncontaminated’ by the world? Do you ever notice something uncanny in some sermon that is making almost everyone else to scream, ‘well done sah’!

Do you ever get to notice how some of the things that your favorite people say, may not be true in the eternal scheme of things?

You know, I think that devil is way smarter than the homo-sapiens with the highest IQ. c’mon, man is made a little lower than angels but I thank God that a Theo- Sapiens would ‘dust’ him crazy any day, any time because he is a God!

The truth is that until Jesus comes, devil would remain the god of this world and he rules the world knowledge and information that look simple, harmless and 100% untrue! Lucifer can lie for Mandela, to say the very least!

Sometimes, things are not always what they seem. So, we Theo-sapiens must never allow to mingle with information from any source whatsoever, until they are well tested and proved. We do not take things hook line and sinker unless we have an inner witness by the Spirit. You know it is the Spirit that makes us superior to the devil and his world. We have power over him because we operate from a different system from his. You know how

I urge us therefore, to always remember that we are too superior to flow totally with the information that has saturated the world we live in! Screen please, literally!

Test every spirit, oh puhleez!

By Favouromeje, January, 2017


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