DO YOU BELIEVE? : A movie review

Movie length: 2 hours

Release: September 3, 2015

Director: Jonathan M. Gunn


The Review

This action packed drama, set in an urban fast paced and dangerous city excellently meshes the lives of the love stricken, death haunted, money seeking and Christ longing hearts of random people who’s paths cross without them even knowing, which in turns causes a ripple effect that produces more than any of them could ever bargain for.

The ball is set rolling by McGinley, the pastor who’s encounter with a street preachers is tantamount to Moses’ encounter with the burning bush, this inspires a crazy sermon which criminal Shwayze bumps into as he ducks from the cops, also the aged Teri and her husband who’s grieving heart gets a fresh mandate to inconvenience, not to mention Elena who’s husband Bobby is literally pulling dragging to heaven with his “fanatical” Christianity and there’s also Joe who might as well be named Angel Joe.


All of them are about to undergo what may be the greatest challenges of their lives, as their lives intermingle and pulls others from outside their world, the cost of believing might soon prove unbearable as it promises to ruin some, hurt some and send the rest to their graves, that’s the threat and it’s no bluff. The movie shows belief is not just a word but a life backed with some crazy actions


At the end of the movie, you’ll probably find yourself kneeling, stopping and beginning to think of your life and what it really means to believe. With an excellent story line, standard production quality and a bit of bad acting here and there, we’ll have to give the movie a six point nine (6.9) out of ten (10) ranking. The movie is definitely a must watch.


Reviewed by: Udousoro William


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