EverydayJesus can figure it out!

So on this particular day, I was to help my mum get to her car and to work as quickly as possible. As is our culture, just before she started the car I lifted the hood of the car to check the water and oil levels and refill if necessary. As I concluded this very easy task, I hesitated for a moment before I shut the hood and just stared at the engine and in that moment I noticed how confused I was at the complexity of a car’s engine. Sure I knew the names of one two things and maybe I could guess the functionality of a handful of some of them but on the whole, I was just clueless.


Before long mum joined me at where I stood looking at the engine, a perplexed look on her face. I smiled. I quickly shared my mind’s rumblings


“You know if a mechanical engineer were here he would know what he was looking at when a car’s hood popped not like confused little me but if I were to open my editing soft wares for that engineer he would be as confused too”(paraphrased)


I guess I added that bit about my soft wares to boost my self-confidence but as mum zoomed off to work, the thought lingered and I have now come to this conclusion…


Sometimes we take a look at our lives: Who we were, who we are and who we could be and we indeed get confused. We end up with questions like…


How did I get here?

Can I really achieve my dreams?

Would I live to see tomorrow?

Does my life mean anything?

What is the point in living?


Amongst many other mind-boggling questions…


As real and valid these questions are, I have good news. JESUS has got the answer. Is it because he is as much God as God is? Well, probably yes, but even more; because he is the engineer, specialist, professional that knows all there is to know about you, down to the number of hairs on your head.


So when he looks at all the events, people, memories, emotions, wishes and all that makes up the totality of you, he doesn’t get confused. In fact he knows everything and if you let him he can figure out the answers to those questions you have. Just like you take your car to the mechanic for repair, taking your life to Jesus is what you need to live free and happy and blessed every day. I guess that’s why they call “giving your life to Christ” although in the real sense it is him, Jesus that gave his life for you.


So for no charges at all, get your problems sorted out and your questions answered because every day Jesus figures it out.

“…But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”- Matthew 10:30(KJV)

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; January, 2017.

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