EverydayJesus is pro active!

One of my personal heroes is my Dad. Now he might not be perfect and yes he does not scale buildings, shoot webs from his palm or even wear a cape but from him I have learnt a bunch which has been key in my formation as a man. One of the main lessons I learnt just by observing him is how he tends to act ahead of time. Rather than dealing with a problem, Dad would prefer to forestall the problem. This doesn’t mean he would chicken out if a problem showed up but I think he figured it would be a lot cheaper and less stressful and ever more effective to prevent the problem. Guess what? He is right!

Looking through the scriptures, I see my Jesus would meet up with problems and solve them, but more importantly his words and actions pointed to a pro-active character, just like God-the-father. I mean isn’t it obvious that Christ died many years ago to save a world that would burn many years later. His mission in totality is pro-active. More so, if you looked through the scripture in search of guidance or instruction or have learned to listen to that sweet small voice of the lovely Holy Spirit you would agree with me that God is in the habit of directing us through actions that would seem pointless now but would mean the world in the future.

There are so many stories that I could give of present day events just like the story of Jeremiah’s instruction of God to buy a certain plot of land and collect the title deed and bury somewhere which was later used in recent times to settle a land dispute amongst nations. Crazy, right? However, here is a claim that this line of thought doesn’t agree with: “Experience is the best teacher”. Well, I think Jesus would disagree because discipline would pay better and guess what you never have to carry scars that way!

So be like Jesus. Be pro-active


By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017.

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