EVERYDAYJESUS’ solitude (an update)!

The more time that I spend with a person, the more I talk like the person, if I agree and love this friend, I almost become like him or her. Friends influence each other. When I gist with my friends, listen to them talk, mix my ideas with theirs (if I admire these friends), I find myself using their words. I have been influenced by my friends in the past and even now. In the process, I picked up words like ‘scraggy’, ‘most def’, ‘no p’ and ‘oh my Gooid’ from a friend. And those phrases and words are still with me even when I am no longer close with this friend. Right now, I find myself sounding like one guy who is beginning to be my favorite guy, lol.   I desire to be like Jesus. I love the Trinity and the most desired thing is that I be like Jesus, to be one with Him. Well that used to be my spiritual life project but right now, my Bible has made me to understand that I am just like Him in my spirit in both size and stature. I am begotten of the Father too by His Spirit, having the same rights, realities, inheritance, authority, rule, dominion as Jesus who is the prototype, aka first born from the dead. So, I am no longer pursuing ‘being like Jesus Project’ because I am like Him in my Spirit. Nevertheless, my mind can get in the way in letting me live out my spiritual realities. So If I spend more time with the Lord (consciously make a routine and habit of studying the Bible for myself and spending some time in praying in the Spirit a.k.a praying in tongues), then I don’t merely stand the chance of being like Jesus but I am going to live out the ‘Spirit of Jesus reality’ in me because I am constantly retreating to let my spirit which is already one with the Spirit to have ascendancy over my weak mind: weak because the physical realm i.e. my environment and senses tries to spoil my mind over time. Whenever I spend more time with people and friends, it could be that I am spending less time with God or let’s say, with myself. The implication would be that I would be more attuned to the sense realm because it is my mind that I have used most of the time to pilot conversations, receiving and giving vibes. I love my friends but if we’re not studying the Bible, praying in the Spirit and Prophesying in solitude or even as friends often, then we might find ourselves doing and saying things like mere men, i.e. non mutants who have active minds and dead spirits. C’mon we are living spirits because we have eternal life so we gats to retreat, (I wish you could see the face I am making right now, lol)!

The Lord begot me to be like Him – Like Jesus. While I am spending some time with Him, I am discovering the beauty of His person. My Jesus is holy, compassionate, passionate, and without sin. My Jesus is bold; He knew who He was while on earth. He is merciful, kind and loving. He is gentle and patient; He puts up with my childishness and mistakes. There is something about Him. His words are gracious; they do not hurt or tear down. They build up. He never gets angry; His temper is checked. He tells people the truth but when they resist the truth, He just lets them be. My Jesus has authority and power. Demons tremble at His presence and He rules over them. He is only harsh to evil spirits and not to human beings. My Jesus enjoys the secret place a lot; He retires to a solitary place to commune with our Father. I could never forget the gentleness of the voice of my Jesus. I could never forget those times He made me shed sweet tears by saying very sweet things to me.  I could never forget the sound of His sweet voice to my heart – that very gentle voice. I remember that day I was starving of His Word yet could not feed, funny right? He spoke to me in what seemed like a trance or sleep (I cannot tell) that I had not eaten and that I should eat – I sure was famished. Unbelief and doubt was having a better part of me that I was too weak to even eat of His bread – Thank God I am feeding and alive and could never be robbed by the devil again. I could never forget that day. He always hears me and listens to me. Some time ago, I was so broke yet I ordered some books by faith telling the seller that my father was behind my order and would send the money to me. The books arrived but the money hadn’t come. I was getting uneasy but I still believed God for a miracle. No money came. I told Him to prove to me that I was really His child who was confidently depending on Him and that I was giving Him some days to do that or I would fend for myself. He ignored both I and my threat. I went to church one of those days after the time that I gave Him elapsed and I wept the whole time. While coming home I told Him amidst tears that I was very sad and hurt and that He had refused to wipe my tears. I told Him to wipe my tears and He heard me. Instantly the tears dried up and I could not cry again even when I wanted to. I could go on and on to recount how he takes note of me. I wonder how He listens to everybody’s prayers all at the same time. He is inexhaustible.

My Jesus is mysterious, He always spoke in parables. The kingdom of God was His message. He is love personified; love sent Him to the cross. You could always see wisdom, authority and charisma in His teachings.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what that good and perfect will of God is. – Romans 12: 2(NKJV).

For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. – Romans 8: 29(NKJV).

You were taught,  with regard to your former ways of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made  new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. – Ephesians 4: 22-24.       (NIV).


By Favouromeje, 2016.

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