EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘The Leverage’ (a poem)!

Hello friends!

Welcome to the new term “2017”

You have gone a long way to make this destination

This is the new age

Help me tell rage to leave

This is the time to go in range with the past

People! It is cool we celebrate

For God appreciate this

So to elevate

For God initiated thanksgiving

To stay even amidst odds

Welcome on board

Listen carefully! Get rid of the ages

So you could play a vital role in breaking out of the cages

Stop the chases

And keep on with the praises.

Yesterday! Now gone

It is time to grow and flow

Let’s update our version

So we could stay compatible with the present.

This is my present

Words are never enough

Rather too much

But could keep us alive

In the battlefield.

Look! Never forget it’s still earth

World full of betray and ray

World full of plenty and empty

Let’s strive to be the best

Tomorrow could be the test…


By ‘The Alchemist’ (Tolulope Amao)

moment that matters, words that glitters

Year that glitters, dears that matter…

©, Tolulope Amao    

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