EVERYDAYJESUS is skin-deeper with me! (A poem)

He is with me

When shame covers me until I am choking

When it leaves me feeling like trash

When contempt cuts through my heart

Such that I am bleeding to death

He is with me


He is with me

When I suffer prejudice

When bias makes me question my own good intentions

When the words of my love vocabulary appears to fail me

When I am sorely misunderstood

That I even fail to understand myself

He is with me


He is with me

When ‘neglect’ is just not good enough to say how I feel

When I feel as though I am an ‘after-thought’

When I feel rejection and humiliation

Such that I have a perfect blend of a distasteful ‘emoconcotions’

When the sharp sourness of this emoconcotions cuts through my pride

Sharper than a diamond sword

Until pain makes me weak and speechless

That I fail to rise above the lethargy within

He remains just there with me


He is with me

When human words fails my heart expressions

When I know just a few words to tell exactly how I feel

He groans within me with words deeper than words

Because He forever remains with and in me


He is with me

When pain dries the fountain of my tears

Such that my greatest need becomes to weep

So that my pains might be washed away

I know He is yet with me


He is with me

When I feel lonely and all alone

When I feel as though I have just ‘me’

When ‘me’ is not sure if she should remain with me

He will never fail me

Because He is right there with me


He is with me

Even when I am wrong

When I am unmerciful and finger-pointing

When I stray from the love lane

Such that I feel as though I have failed

His love will never fail

Because He loves to be right with me


He is with me

When the seeming cold hands of death come for me

When I know that my time has come I warm up in child-like excitement

For I know that death has lost its sting on me

So I need not fret or fear

Because He will as always wrap me in His love consuming

Such that my heart quakes and my spirit blushes

In earnest expectation for my great hibernation

Which ushers me to the redeeming consummation

Away from this fallen home that I live in

To that incorruptible home, the kind that Man Jesus lives in

That body which has no limitations and barrier

I know my rejoicing would know no bound

For again He will be with me


He is with you 

Even when guilt seems to be blinding your sight

When you are clueless and running away in blind shame

Such that you appear to have fallen into the strong arms of the enemy

Just quit your packing to the ‘no home’ place

You see, He never gives a quit notice

Because even if you still choose to leave

He just can never ever leave you


Jesus will ever be with you through the thick and the thin

He is that friend who sticks closer than a kin

Because He is indeed closer and deeper than your skin

And it definitely will not depend on what you feel or think

He will never leave you or abandon you 

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? …No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord – Romans 8: 35-39 (NIV)


By Favouromeje, 2016.   

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