The Eagle gives us a perfect picture of how effective Rehab can be. The Eagle can live up to Seventy (70) years. To live this long, it goes through a process in its life. This process is not an easy one, it is a painful one.
The talons of an Eagle works properly for Forty (40) years. After Forty (40) years, its talons become weak. Thus, the Eagle will be unable to grab a prey. Its long and sharp beak also becomes bent. Its thick feathers become stuck to the chest due to its heavy wings. This makes soaring difficult. At this point in its life, it is left with only two (2) options; either to give up and die or go through a painful process of changes that lasts for about five (5) months.
If the Eagle chooses to live, it flies to the top of a mountain and sits on a nest. The first thing the Eagle does is to strike its beak against a rock so it can pull out. When that is done, it waits for a new beak to grow. The next process is to pluck out its talons. As in the first process, it waits for new talons to grow back. The third process is the plucking out of old and thick feathers, and also wait for them to grow back.
When all these painful processes are completed, the Eagle will then wait for Five (5) months to recover and renew its strength. It can then soar again and enjoy a renewed life for another thirty (30) years.
We are getting there.
Stay blessed.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


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