Dear reader, hold my hand
As we take a walk through time
Time immemorial, ages immortal
Up till today, ending in tomorrow.
Starting form the stone age, through the prehistoric period
Jumping to the Renaissance, colonisations,
Zooming off to the apartheid
–have you been observing?
What do you see?
Well, I’ll tell you my observations,
I’ve seen birth, growth, happiness, laughter
Sadness, disgrace, shame, pain, mourning,
Success, achievement, death.
From age to age, millennium to millennium
The same cycle goes on, birth to death.
Hmm— pretty drab, isn’t it?
Come closer, observe, it always ends with death
But there’s something else….. Footprints
Footprints in the sands of time
Made and stamped, by humans, not aliens
Boy, do they look pretty!
Know this- footprints in the sands of time
Are not made sitting down
If you want to be recognised, remembered,
You must learn to do this simple things
Do what you love, and love what you do
That does the trick.
Yeah, with God on your side too,
Else you’ll just become another boring story.
Strive, reader, strive to leave your stamp
And dear, make it indelible.
Emm okay, less talk, Godspeed.

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