From The Christapoet Team: We sincerely apologize for the late posting of this episode of The Transforming Word Series. Thanks for your patience.

A few years ago, God showed me some interesting things about fire. I made an article out of that  and has subsequently developed it into a book (It is yet to be published). During that study, I saw the beautiful aspect of fire. I saw fire as a wonderful object in our walk with God and journey through life as a believer.

The concept of fire is one that has different effect depending on application. One application makes it an object of destruction, another application makes it a refining object. For what this series is intended to achieve, I will dwell on the latter application.

The process of refining is one that is a crucial one. This is where God fine tunes us to meet His standard. This is where we trade our filthy, dirty and disjointed nature for His pure, holy and righteous nature. This is where we are made vessels unto honour. This is where self is burned up and the glory of God, as a consequence of His Spirit, shines through us.

In the next episode, I will look at the role of fire in the refining process.  


Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.          

(Transforming the World through the Word)


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