PENSPEAK in Heaven

Christ a poet

We raised tangerines in our little orchard, and oranges too. Towards evening, when the dusk had enveloped the atmosphere, the orchardsphere was full of citric smell. The kind of scent that is peculiar to pregnant orange plants whose pollinated stigma has just begun to form seeds. It was that kind of scent that made me wonder the awesomeness of nature and how God was careful and meticulous about every fabric that wove into what we have as earth today. Yet a new thought fascinates me more. If God spent six days in making earth and it’s this beautiful and awesome, then how awesome would a world still under construction after two thousand years look? Jesus told me in John. 14: 1-3 that He’s gone to prepare a place for me. And when He’s done, would come to take me there. He has been preparing that place for the past two…

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