Invasion 2016

Let me tell you about poetry
Sea shores swirling serenading sore
Shapes stuck on sweetness’ soot soar
Seedlings of self sown as eyes set on shooting stars
Step back a bit and you’ll see
Pieces of people pooled  peculiarly together
To peer past two, no… more pens as they paint their peaks
At the power of the Prince of Peace
The bursting ecstasy of fulfillment it gives
Curled up in the loins of our hearts
The beauty to be unleashed
Let me tell you about Penspeak
Lights, stage, words…
The fiery blasts of the tips of our pens
Spilling words that cut through thick and thin
Thick and thin…
We are planning an invasion
Taking over situations
Making ways to conquer nations
To plunder every heart
Raid all senses till all you have left
Are just lenses shading away all false gists
Twin towers watching over mines
Gems hidden underneath the earth’s eyes
Sprouting out ferns of love budding into guarded commentaries
Bearing forth fruits of truth
Worthily wielding swords of truth
Words of wisdom cladding our hopeful youths
The vision of wickedness put to shame by truth’s warden
Not wandering in the worldly vices
Not stumbling in ungodly crisis
We repping the ever-living justice
Our mission an unending message
We have got high frequencies
Connected to the heavenly chassis
Heavenly insights giving hope
To faithful attendants of our teachers directives
Unleavened loaves of purity
Expanding the waves of charity
Let me tell you about Penspeak
Lights, stage, words…
One mic, One message, One God.

-The Christapoet Team



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