I know no one saw this coming
People who know me than would confess that this is absolutely stunning
That I could leave my life bare and naked
Feeding on worthless words or so they call it…
No one seems to fathom why all of a sudden
I am changing better yet transforming
And it seems my senses are dead so they call me mad

I know its no more news that I am ‘Born again’
But why do I have to change so much
Why do I no longer fit into who I used to be
Why cant I just be normal like others they ask
I just wish I had a more soothing answer
The truth is when I met Him, we made a life transaction
The profit margin was beyond amazing so I gave in
Now I live like He would and that for me is my truth
That you think I’m mad is no shock, I think so too
He made a difference in me and that’s why I can’t be like you


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