Clothes of an Idea

The corpse of an idea
A zombie in my mind
I aim far a head
My time slips by as I bid time
Calculating the different ways to save time
Constantly telling myself how I should be
While I think off the skirts that I could’ve
Its like I let my potential just waste
While growing, adding, learning at no haste

Write, hand, write for you were made to.
My life feels like a movie part too.
I look to Jesus,
So when I’m down, I know I’m up next.

The Niel
© 2019



A good journey is made up of few events,
but one important thing
Is a happy and relieved ending.

I have seen
The journeys the men of my country,
And seen that they have
only begun to stop fighting like animals.

Now we fight a different way.
But to fight like that is not expected of my journey.

Yet this balcony of exclusion
While keeping me
Safe from the journeys of other people,
keeps all the stories I would learn away from me.

Okay, I’m going inside

The Niel
© 2019


it was so much joy
That day I joined the life
In the race of men
I gave my first smile, looking into her face who gave me life
While mouth stocked to her chest gulping out desperately a white river
A white river that would make me strong and grow

Day by day I got to know how life is
The sweetness of it and the sour it gives
How good life could be and how evil could penetrate
I only know the first life given from a woman
But as time grows
I begin to see despite life was given life itself could be taken too

I see the young and old been taken
Taken not from the woman who gave it
But taken from another life named death
Death I was told it’s also a life
Another life not to live walking
A life laying silently below the ground
Soundless, only the cracking walking sounds of termites feasting on every part beneath the ground

One morning ,I walked down with mama to a place
Under a shield filled with different faces
Looking lost but wanting more
There , I got to know of another life
Far better than the life from a woman and the life beneath the ground

I heard of the third life
A life flowing with milk and honey
A life of peace without stress
A life which know no sickness nor sorrow
A life forever more with no endings reigning with kings and Angels
A life bought by a boy called Beloveth Son
Who give to it freely with His blood
Blood bonding is as one
That whoever believeth in Him should not perish
But have Eternal life


Delicate fate

What is man’s purpose?
What should man oppose?
See, failure has become the cheapest commodity
And most importantly man’s priority
For he often finds himself confused
And induced by the noise of the society
It’s rare to see another show a different action
Everyone walks on the same pattern

What is man’s purpose?
What should man oppose?
The tale of Hunger Games
The reality that man’s need would never be met
For as long as he breathes
He becomes addicted to selfishness
And if not careful enough
His last remembrance will be during his funeral

So What is man’s purpose?
Or What should man oppose?

© 2019


I know no one saw this coming
People who know me than would confess that this is absolutely stunning
That I could leave my life bare and naked
Feeding on worthless words or so they call it…
No one seems to fathom why all of a sudden
I am changing better yet transforming
And it seems my senses are dead so they call me mad

I know its no more news that I am ‘Born again’
But why do I have to change so much
Why do I no longer fit into who I used to be
Why cant I just be normal like others they ask
I just wish I had a more soothing answer
The truth is when I met Him, we made a life transaction
The profit margin was beyond amazing so I gave in
Now I live like He would and that for me is my truth
That you think I’m mad is no shock, I think so too
He made a difference in me and that’s why I can’t be like you



Decided finally, that against all odds I’d do what my heart tells me, and not what the world makes me

Indifferent I could pretend to be, but slowly it creeps to me

Friendly blows, leave cuts so deep

Frankly if it was easy I’d just walk away or sleep

Everything happens for a particular reason, so I look out to understand the season

Resentments and tension in the air, used to be all laughter a crushed funfair

Eventually I wouldn’t walk out of this one because it would soon become a character

Not everything happens because of me, won’t let my SOUL~JEY it leads to disaster

Totally sold out to the Almighty, giving Him totality.


# thatz just how to be DIFFERENT,. Remember the events that shape a man are not those that rub on him, but those that press hard and cut parts of his being#


Njoku Uchechi E.