The interesting thing about this stage of the process is that this is where divinity comes into agreement with humanity. The desire of God is that we be fruitful and multiply. This suggests to me that God has designed us for greatness and productivity.

I want to point out that God has released everything we need to be great and productive into our Spirit. Your inability to conceive does not in any way make God impotent. God is Omnipotent, and His potency cannot be demeaned by your inability to activate the ideas that He has released into your Spirit from eternity past.

This stage requires that we align our thought process to God’s thoughts for us. This is the part in the process where a lot of thinking is done. There is no limit to what your eyes can see, neither is there any barrier to what your mind can process at this stage.

I dare you today to open your mind to as much thoughts as God has released into your spirit because the things that will make you great are encapsulated in those thoughts.


Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.       

(Transforming the World through the Word)


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