Today happens to me
The singing birds, blasts about here, twinkling trinkets and a twenty storey tall thing
More things to fling aside, files to flush down procastination’s swift sweet sink
Seductively thrashing priced pieces, fixing feet simply as crossed
Arms akimbo, loosened collars and buckles, bland collection of framed truce
Activity trounced, ability bounced out of life’s arena
Staying the day’s nagging throb, curling to turn up undone
By time catching you napping

Race to the line, dazed, crazed frantic cry and shabby shifts
To make up for gone time, ignoring existential web’s continuous reconstructions
As once valid connections evaporate into picture-captured past
As lines of a story turn with the pages of a metamorphosing being
And the bus leaves behind late folks, sobbing and wailing and spitting and cursing

Set, written, rattling, scramble stirring
Dead lines
Hearts set on nothing but now-mores, mere norms, immediate loves
Temporal joys
For such fleeting trims of fate-doomed creatures, careless misfortune excitedly devours
Hope beyond here and now fires up a life to press past the deadline
To meet it before it comes, to take it captive, to liberate the task from time’s chains
Into purpose permeating every fibre, stretching into forever.


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