So Abram departed, as the Lord had spoken unto him
Genesis 12:4

So I know you want to fulfil destiny. I hear all the amazing things God has told you, the promises, the plans, the strategies and yet I’m wondering

“Why on earth are you sitting on all of this, acting like you’ve got no place to go? I mean few minutes ago, one would think you had no clue what the word destiny even meant”.

Now how on earth do we end up here?
Sure too many reasonable and unreasonable reasons would pop up but hey I’m not interested in that, there’s not enough time to discuss that. Get up and get going!
Abram heard the call and I tell you, he didn’t wait till months later or till he saved up enough capital for this travelling business; He just up and went.

“Wait up now dude, are you saying we should not prepare?”

Ummm. YES. Seriously, I know it sounds kinda unreasonable but better put I’m saying the moment you get instructions you should start acting on them. I tell you if Abram had spent a day between God’s speaking and take-off, any passer-by would only have to see Abram to know he was about to travel.

Look like where you’re going

I’ll tell you what delays people into ever achieving their dreams: EXCUSES (and I tell you this from first-hand experience). Now many people would associate excuses with laziness but in reality, excuses are basically anything reasonable and unreasonable, commendable and otherwise that stops you from getting results.
So basically if you’re ever going to look for an excuse you’re going to find one. Always. If you’re still wondering what your sustenance would be I’ll tell you Abram’s, he went based on the word from the Lord. So it’s simple…

GO ON THE WORD…it never fails.

And please, please, please, start NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, not when you have a partner, NOW…NOW…NOW! Seriously, right this moment, NOW! Don’t wait another second, start the journey to your destiny. The journey of a thousand miles they say starts with a step. Make that step today.

Read on… its totally gonna be worth it!


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